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Special Spells and Tomes/Discs[edit]

(work in progress)

This page deals with the questing and creating of spells (for casters and hybrids) and tomes/discs (melee classes and hybrids). Please refrain from listing common spells, as we are not able to replace Lucy really....



Spells can be labeled as many things depending on their use, present form, or availiblity. All spells start as an item (in the form of a scroll)that has to be bought, looted, or merely given to a character that is of sufficent class and level to use it.

There is a large market within Everquest that deals with finding and selling uncommon spells to those spellcasters that still need them.

But after a spellcaster, either arcane or divine, gets one of these needed scrolls, it can be 'learned' which changes it from an item into a tool, used by the caster in exchange for various amounts of their Mana.


Tomes are the melee/hybrids "spells". they range from damage multipliers/mitigators to resist improving and lots more.


click on the classes listed below to get (or add/amend) a list of UNCOMMON spells/tomes/discs