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main description: self only short casting evac.




short summary: In order to get this spell, you must provide an NPC (Utandar Rizndown in the OT for evil chars or Barnal Flamehand in FV for good ones) with one of the following spell scrolls (just hand in one at the time)

  • Atol's Spectral Shackles
  • Tears of Druzzil
  • Inferno of AlKabor
  • Pillar of Frost

which in turn rewards you with either

  • Abscond
  • Tishan's Discord
  • Thunderbold
  • Tears of Solusek.


  • helps losing aggro when in trouble, while staying in the same zone (no need to run/port back to faroff places like i.e. the grey)
  • makes sometimes travel a bit easier, e.g. in OoT, when quadding the cyclops. bind at SE corner of island, and when bags are full, abscond back to traders. then gate back to Isle.

Tips for completing the quest:

  • Barnal Flamehand is in the very eastern part of FV
  • check if you can buy the turnin spells (atols etc.) in the bazaar. sometimes they go for 20 pp and less
  • some of the spiders in FV (the caster type) do aggro, although green con
  • Thunderbold is the spell which you'll get most times, abscond usually 1 out of maybe 8 turnins.