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Enchanter – level 40[edit]

Targeted Illusion(Werewolf), DEX buff, ATK buff, Add Proc: Lifetap Strike



Summary of quest: (requires The Scars of Velious expansion)

drops off:

  • of shardwurms in the Great Divide.
  • of random mobs in Iceclad Ocean (more info later).
  • of various mobs in Velketors Labyrinth

Tips for completing the quest:

  • /ooc often in the great Divide, the Shardwurms are often camped for spells to sell and the campers usually will hand out freebies if you can fight your way to them.


  • DEX, extra proc, ATK buff for below 50 are all excellent and work well with other proc buffs like a Bard's Katta's Song of Sword Dancing DEX debuff proc, or a Ranger's Call of Sky DD Proc.