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Old Sebilis (officially called The Ruins of Old Sebilis, and also called OS, seb, or sebilis) is one of the most popular, well-designed zones in the history of Everquest. The zone was released with The Ruins of Kunark expansion. This was a crucial zone in the progression of Everquest because while it was not the end zone of Kunark, it provided many item drops that were necessary to be successful in Veeshan's Peak which was the true end zone of Kunark.


Old Sebilis is located deep within the jungle of Trakanon's Teeth. To gain access to Old Sebilis, a player must complete a quest for the key to the dungeon. This quest was given by a slain emperor of the Seblisian empire, and the key reward was given by slaying two notable frogloks within Trakanon's Teeth.

Sebilis was once the proud city of the Iksar, the lizard-like race that was released with The Ruins of Kunark expansion. However, in the current age that players can venture in, the city is ruined and filled primarily with frogloks, golems, undead, fungi, and beetles. Sebilis is also the home of the bain of the Seblisian empire, Trakanon, a green undead dragon formerly part of the Ring of Scale. When slain, Trakanon drops the Kunark class specific breastplates. Probably the most famous Everquest item that drops in Old Sebilis is the Fungus Covered Scale Tunic (affectionately called Fungi) which allowed players to regenerate excessive amounts of hit points, ideal for power-leveling.


Old Sebilis, like all Everquest dungeons, is divided into several "camps" or specified areas for players to kill monsters. All players zone into the same area and must travel down the same corridor to an area called "the rock", but from there, the path splits 3 ways leading to several camps.

Disco 1 - If a player were to travel left from "the rock" down a long corridor across a bridge, they would arrive in a camp dubbed disco due to the shiny, multi-colored changing ceiling over a stage. This camp has named spawns such as Gruplinort, froglok ostiary, and frenzied pox scarab. This camp is also a popular site for AE groups.

Disco 2 - Down the same path as disco 1, buth further in, past the "disco" stage. This camp has named spawns such as Brogg, froglok pickler, and froglok commander.

  • NOTE* Sometimes disco 1 and disco 2 would be combined into a single camp titled simply "disco"

Nec/Guard - This camp is straight across from "the rock" and is named after 2 rare spawns at this location, the Necrosis Scarab, and Sebilite Guardian. Once popular for the constant precious gem drops from the multiple scarabs at this camp, Nec/Guard now only sees a few gems, but is still the site for popular Kunark era weapons, "Lamentation" and "Crystalline Short Sword."

Crypt - If players venture through the Nec/Guard camp, down the long corridor, they will come to a large pyramid. Under this pyramid is a locked door that can only be picked by a rogue that is skilled in the pick-lock ability. Once inside the crypt, players encounter many undead frogloks and undead iksars. The crypt is the camp in Old Sebilis with the most rare spawns. These rare spawns include, Crypt Caretaker, Arch Duke Iatol, Harbinger Freglor, Heirophant Prime Grekal, Baron Yosig, Blood of Chotal, and Emperor Chottal.

Cages/Jail - This camp is located to the right of "the rock" and is called cages or jail because of the 4 jail cells that are part of the camp. This camp is inhabited by four captive iksar necromancers. This camp may see the rare spawn of gangrenous scarab.

Chef - This camp is also located to the right of "the rock" but is past the location of the cages. The camp is a large open room with a banquet table in it. The Chef camp may see rarespawns such as froglok chef, froglok bartender, froglok armsman, and Froggy.

UZO (Upper Zone Out) - This is not usually a camp but can become one in the case that sebilis is overcrowded. The upper zone out is a hard left to "the rock" and is at the end of a two or three rooms. There are no named spawns at this camp.

LZO (Lower Zone Out) - This camp is similar to UZO, in that it is only taken if sebilis is overcrowded. To get to lower sebilis one must jump into the water around "the rock"/Nec/Guard area and swim into one of two underwater passages. The lower zone out is guarded by some of the harder frogloks of Old Sebilis. There are no named spawns at this camp.

King - This refers to the Myconid King camp which is where the famous Fungus Covered Scale Tunic drops. This is one of the most difficult camps in sebilis and should only be attempted by experienced, higher level players.

Reet/Jugg - Named for the mobs that inhabited the camp, froglok reet knights, and sebilite juggernauts. This camp is usually only camped for its higher level spell drops. Players must also move through the Reet/Jugg camp when heading towards Trakanon.

Trakanon - While not really a camp in the sense of the word, Traknon's area is inhabited by rare mobs such as Tolapumj and sebilite protector.