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Now that your lair is up and running, you need to consolidate your evil power. To make sure that your criminal mastermind is the one at the top, you've got to gather together all the Crime Lords from around the world and make them fall in line.

Build an Inner Sanctum[edit]

The Inner sanctum is the home of the Evil Genius, used to recover his or her stats should they get damaged. It should be large enough to hold a conference table, and perhaps the impressive desk.

Find the Crime Lords[edit]

Armand Krishnan[edit]

Rumor has it that all of Indian Subcontinent is controlled by one man - Armand Krishnan. He has many nefarious plots and intrigues, mostly concerning corruption of local government officials.

Your minions can therefore plot in the Indian Subcontinent. Once he is found, you will need at least 5 valets with a sufficient escort (such as Technicans to reduce mission time, and guards to protect against damage.)

Marvin de Luca[edit]

Marvin de Luca the nefarious Mafia don of all North America is a powerful man, but with too much hubris.

He is normally found in the West Coast, and once located, is obtained by at least 5 technicians, with an escort preferred.

Lei Ying Lo[edit]

The inscrutable Lei Ying Lo is the undisputed head of organized crime across China and Southeast Asia. He is found in North China, and requires 5 guards. Even though guards are slightly more resilient, they should still have an escort.

Nikita Leonov[edit]

Nikita Leonov will not acknowledge your presence, and will visit your island as a means to mock you. He will take some time to arrive once the objective is visible, but you'll notice him as one of the pink dots trying to enter your base.

Once he is in a populated area, tag him for capture. He is rather strong by himself and could kill a few of your minions.

Once he is captured, you will need to build a Mess Hall if you haven't already, and place the Mess Hall counter within it. Interrogate him with the mixing bowl, and he'll eventually submit.

Nigel Ewing[edit]

Nigel Ewing is a rogue CIA agent, who is now a criminal in Northen Africa, last seen cruising down the Nile with arms and loyal followers. He will remain hidden until your Notority is at least 80 - if it's not that high, you'll need to do other plots on the world map, or taunt some of your prisoners. If your notoriety reaches 75, you can recruit a henchman to get the last portion.

He is found in the Middle East, and requires 5 guards to start the capture mission. Before you start, you should make sure your base defenses are well prepared for an assault.

Bob 'Barking' Caine[edit]

Bob Caine is a crime boss of East London, and he will also oppose you. He will send three waves of six construction worker minions, who will perform an attack on the base. As with regular soldier waves, they will attack your traps and can kill isolated minions. However, the minions are individually as strong as one of your own contruction workers, and can easily fall when they're not careful.

The three waves arrive by liferafts, most likely on the side of the island with the helipad. The third wave will likely from the depot. Of those waves, the first two can be ambushed on arrival by both henchmen

Once the three waves are eliminated, he will accept your authority, and head to your conference table. Once he arrives, your evil genius will show the crime bosses your plan for world domination. Too bad that one doesn't survive the demonstration.