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A solid mountain doesn't make much of an evil lair, so you'll have to build rooms and corridors to give you somewhere to bring your megalomaniac schemes to fruition.

To build a new room or corridor, PC Mouse Right Click.png on an empty area of the mountain and select the room you want from the menu. Drag out the outline with PC Mouse Left Click.png, and click the Accept button to move to the next step. Click the Items icon to place equipment and furniture, then click the Pickaxe icon to begin the building process.


  • Cost per square: $100

General walkway and home of the fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguishers are placed on a wall, and may only be used by Valets. You will need them, as most attacks from the Forces of Justice will cause your devices to catch fire and eventually spread fire to nearby objects.

If you need to demolish a corridor, you will need to section off the portion to be demolished with security doors.

Strong Room[edit]

  • Cost per square: $400

The Strongroom contains your supply of Gold, and a Briefcase Rack that your minions can use to transport wealth without drawing suspicion. It will also be the default storage area for loot you accumulate during your campaign of villainy.

You'll start with a small one in a shack on the island, but you'll need to move it to a more secure location as the forces of international justice can easily find it and steal your rightful property.

You have the following objects, one available from the beginning:

  • Briefcase Rack (1x2 ground + 1x2 hotspot)
  • Gold Enhancer: Increases gold value by 10%.


  • Cost per square: $150

The Barracks is required to hire more minions for your evil army, and is the first room that serves as the endurance stat receovery area.

The barracks contain the following objects, the first two available from the beginning:

  • Locker (1x1 + 1x1 hotspot): Allows recruiting one additional minion.
  • Bunkbed (1x1 + two opposing 1x1 hotspots): Provides endurance recovery for minions.
  • Multi-Gym
  • Equipment Storage Rack
  • Cryo-Cubicle

Control Room[edit]

  • Cost per square: $500

To coordinate your World Domination, you need a Control Room and the communications equipment it can house. The room should be protected, as it is an obvious target for enemy saboteurs. You may also want to install a Time Clock in the room, as deactivating the room can help during power shortages.

The control room can contain the following objects, the first two available without research:

  • Control Panel (2x1 + 2x1 hotspot): This panel requires two minions for it to function. Each manned control panel will grant information on the World Domination screen, such as the cash and heat for a given region. Only six control panels are needed for full information about the world.
  • Memory Bank (1x1 + 1x1 hotspot): When there's not enough manned control panels for a region, a manned memory bank will maintain the information for 300 seconds (stacks additively).
  • Control Station (1x1 + 1x1 hotspot): This is a more compact version of the control panel.
  • Big Screen
  • Schematics Station
  • Stock Market Watchdog
  • Communications Array

Mess Hall[edit]

  • Cost per square: $150

Your minions don't need to eat but can with one of these. As the room is a secondary source of endurance stat recovery, it serves as an alternative to bunk beds if you feel inclined. Can be useful in small amounts in "low heat" base areas but you WILL need a mixing bowl in an early quest and to make SUPER AGENTS regret their life choices.

The following objects are present, the first two requiring no research:

  • Counter (4x4 plus hotspots): This object must be manned, but provides endurance recovery for four minions.
  • Mess Hall Counter (4x4 plus hotspots): This is the same as the regular counter, except that it has a large mixing bowl to whisk things. It is also an interrogation device that damages Smarts.

Training Room[edit]

  • Cost per square: $250

While Construction Worker minions are useful, they have limited talents. To give them more advanced and specialized skills, you need somewhere for them to train.

All attempts at training require an advanced minion of the type you're trying to train. If you lack that minion type, you'll need to kidnap a hostage on the world map and interrogate them.

The following objects help with the training, the first four available without research:

  • Punch Bag (1x1 + two opposing 1x1 hotspots): Trains guards.
  • School Desk (1x1 + 1x1 hotspot): Trains Valets.
  • Laboratory Workshop (2x1 + 2x1 hotspot): Trains technicians.
  • Mouse Maze (1x1): Recovers Attention to minions within its radius.
  • Chalkboard (wall mounted): Trains Scientists from technicians
  • TV Studio: Trains Spindoctors from Valets
  • Heavy Shooting Range: Trains Mercenaries from Guards
  • Biochemical Training Worktop: Trains biochemists from scientists
  • Electron Microscope
  • Dojo: Trains Martial Artists
  • Shooting Range: Trains sharpshooters, and can be used as an interrogation device
  • Playboy Training Equipment: Trains spindoctors into Playboys
  • Diplomat Trainer: Trains spindoctors into diplomats.


  • Cost per square: $300

Smarts stat recovery area. Most useful if your minions tend to stand around in a stupor.

  • Reading Table (2x1 + 2x1 hotspots)
  • Brainwasher
  • Brainiac Machine
  • Evil Bookcase
  • Multimedia Educational Zone


  • Cost per square: $250

Guns for your men and cages for your enemies! Basic interrogation equipment and security desks for your minions to operate loudspeakers and cameras from. A necessity for any evil overlord but watch out for pesky do-gooder's and escaping prisoners.


  • Cost per square: $300

Healthy, wealthy and evil. Take care of your minions and they will give you the world.


  • Cost per square: $400

Science is information, knowledge is power...

Staff Room[edit]

  • Cost per square: $150

Somewhere for your minions to unwind and build up their stats.

Attention recovery area.


  • Cost per square: $250
A pointless glass catwalk over the DDD cave.

Inner Sanctum[edit]

  • Cost per square: $250

A private accommodation for your Evil Genius, the Inner Sanctum is where you'll hold meetings with other criminal masterminds.

Power Plant[edit]

  • Cost per square: $150

Everything in your base requires electricity to run - while you'll have some power to begin with, as your base grows you'll have to build more Power Plants to supply it.

Keep it safe it's prime to explode and take your time and wallet with it.


  • Cost per square: $350

Kill an enemy agent and they'll leave behind a body bag, which will raise the suspicions of any enemy agents or tourists who wander into your base, and can lower the Loyalty of your own minions. To keep them out of sight, build a Freezer.