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To protect your base from intruders, you can lay traps, which will catch or kill any agents unfortunate enough to get caught by their effects.

Laying traps[edit]

Each trap has two parts - Sensors, which detect and agent's presence, and the Trap itself, which will carry out a specific action intended to kill or disable an agent in some way.


Pressure Pad[edit]

  • Cost: $1600

Usable inside / outside.

Laser Trip Beam[edit]

  • Cost: $6000

Usable inside.

Motion Detector[edit]

  • Cost: $12000

Usable inside / outside.


Gas Cages[edit]

These roof-mounted traps, once triggered, will drop on any agents (or minions) underneath and release a gas which drops a specific stat.

Poison Gas[edit]

  • Cost: $4800

Knockout Gas[edit]

  • Cost: $8000

Laughing Gas[edit]

  • Cost: $9600

Hallucinogenic Gas[edit]

  • Cost: $8800

Nerve Gas[edit]

  • Cost: $12000

Wall Mounted[edit]

Wind Machine[edit]

  • Cost: $8000

Giant Magnet[edit]

  • Cost: $12000

Prometheus's Revenge[edit]

  • Cost: $12000

A giant jet engine slides from a hidden cavity and fires a column of flame 8 squares long.

Floor Traps[edit]

Saw Blades[edit]

  • Cost: $9600


  • Cost: $8000

Piranha Tank[edit]

  • Cost: $16000

Pit Punisher[edit]

  • Cost: $9600

This trap can also be placed outside your base.

Satan's Chimney[edit]

  • Cost: $96000

This trap can also be placed outside your base.

Electroshock Cannon[edit]

  • Cost: $24000

This trap can also be placed outside your base.

Confusing Popup[edit]

  • Cost: $4000

Small Traps[edit]

These stand-alone traps still need to be attached to one or more sensors, but are not as well-hidden as the wall or floor traps.


  • Cost: $10400

Agents cannot resist pushing a button this large, even with the flashing "Do Not Press" warning. This trap reduces an agent's Attention stat.

Money Madness[edit]

  • Cost: $20000


  • Cost: $8000

Available in a variety of colours, each of which will affect a specific agent stat: Health, Loyalty, Smarts, Attention or Endurance.

Outdoor traps[edit]

These traps can only be placed outside your base.

Explosive Palm Tree[edit]

  • Cost: $13600

Misdirection Trap[edit]

  • Cost: $16000

A sign advertising your base, but pointing the wrong way.

Venus Man Trap[edit]

  • Cost: $16000

A giant man-eating plant that will consume any agent who wanders close enough.

Dammed Damsel[edit]

  • Cost: $8000


  • Cost: $800