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Box artwork for Evony.
Release date(s)
System(s)Adobe Flash, Web browser
TwitchEvony Channel
YouTube GamingEvony Channel

Evony (formerly known as Civony) is a browser-based multiplayer online game with graphic elements reminiscent of Civilization. Like most MMORTS games, the game is set in a persistent world so that when a player logs out, the game continues while they are not around.

A player starts with a city that they act as a mayor to, giving instructions on production and construction with some initial resources. The resources in the game are Gold, Food, Lumber, Stone, and Iron, and to a secondary extent the cities' population. As with many real-time strategy games, one first has to increase the city's population and hourly resource-collection rates through the construction of certain buildings in the city, and then start developing other aspects of their city and building an army. Evony introduces straight-forward quests (usually of the form "build X" or "upgrade X to level Y") to guide new players so they do not get stuck at the beginning of the game. All of these quests yield an in-game reward, most often in the form of returning resources spent to complete the objective of the quest.

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