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Exteel features various types of weapons for melee, short range, medium, and long range combat. As you battle, the durability of weapons and armors will deteriorate. To repair them, buy Repair Points from the store on the "Other" tab.

Melee Weapons[edit]

The melee weapon series do not require a lock-on like the ranged weapons (excluding rockets) to damage an enemy, thus they lack an aiming recticule in the center of the screen. As such, they are capable of damaging more than one opponent per attack.


The sword series have a shorter but broader attack range than the spears and do less damage. However, what they lack in strength they make up for in speed. Swords generally detract less speed from the mech and weigh much less than spears; allowing faster attacking and less delay between attacks.


Spears have a more linear attack range, stretching out in front of the character. They generally have more attack power and weight than swords.

Short Range[edit]

Sub-Machine Guns (SMG)[edit]

SMG's have the fastest firing rate in the game. They have the shortest range of the range weapons and require a lockon in order to hit an opponent. If a player closes to melee range the SMG's can no longer obtain a lock and therefore are ineffective, but it is trivial for the SMG user to get a bit away and continue firing.


Extremely Short range, but powerful. Shotguns overheat very easily.

Medium Range[edit]


The difference in range between the SMG and rifle is not much, but the rifle has a bit more range than the SMG. It does its damage in single shots and is ideal for killstealing.

Just like the SMG, rifles cannot lock on at very close range.

Long Range[edit]

Cannon (Siege Gun)[edit]

Cannons have the longest lock-on range in the whole game, as well as the smallest lock-on reticle. Like SMG's and Rifles, they cannot lock at extremely close distances. They have a slow fire rate, but pack the most punch (out of the SMG, Rifle, and Cannon), making them similar to sniper rifles in other games.

Since a Cannon is also known as a "Siege Gun", you must be stationary while firing it.


This weapon, though catergorized under a long range weapon, is still able to be fired and damage at close range as it is the only ranged weapon series that does not require a lock-on to damage opponents. It relies on its shell size and explosion for damage. As such, it can be catergorized under any heading however, the weight and the low firing rate of the rocket makes it at most times ideal for long range combat.

The rocket can be fired while moving and jumping.


This weapon is not actually a weapon at all. It is the equivalent of a First Aid Kit. The rectifier is a ranged healing device that shoots a beam to recover an ally's HP.