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EX Overworld Map.png
  • There are 8 different castles to conquer. In each castle, be the first one who conquers three rooms in order to gain the castle. The winner with most castles, most kills, and least continues will be given the chance to defeat Erinyes and see the ending.
  • In order to conquer a room, defeat every other lord within a time limit of 100 seconds. Collect the items from the treasure boxes to increase power in order to defeat other lords.
    • When the timer is down to 40 seconds, the text "DANGER!" will appear on the screen, and Death will appear and make someone slow down and easier to kill.
    • If time runs out, Erinyes will appear and wipe everybody, resulting in a "DRAW GAME".
  • Every third room of each castle is a Dragon Room. Other than the four lords, there will be one to two dragons. Killing them is optional.
  • Each castle has 6 different room patterns. If for any reason the fight cannot end after 6 battles, the rooms will loop from the first pattern and go on. (i.e. Room 1-7 is same as 1-1, 1-8 as 1-2, and so on.)
  • In later castles, there will be various monsters as additional obstacles. They are non-lethal on their own, but can ruin anyone's day.
  • If any player is out of lives and does not continue, that player is reverted to CPU. If all players give up, the game is over.