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F-Zero Big Blue track.png

The track uses a larger number of turns than the previous one, but is still easy to complete. After the start, you will find the pit on the left.

F-Zero Big Blue rough.png

After a slight right and left turn, you will be given a wide area for making a right-hand turn. After the third turn, follow the middle of the track between the rough patches before the fourth right turn. The fifth turn is a sharp 90-degree right turn, and will be the final stretch of rough before a left turn.

After this left turn, there will be a small S-turn, and the track will run straight for a while. Try using the boost before the S-turn. A sharp right turn signals the southern end of the track.

The southern end of the track will start with a sharp left 90-degree turn. It will then have one right turn before the magnetic coat at the final right turn.

If you haven't used the Super Jet already, do so now. It's not the best location, but at least there's no turns at that point.