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Mute City I is the simplest course in the game and the first track in the Knight League. Along the left side of the first straight, just ahead of the goal line, is the circuit's only pit area. At the end of this straight is Turn 1, a roughly 45° right turn that can easily be taken at full throttle. At this point, the left shoulder will be covered in heavy rough. Unless another racer knocks you into the shoulder, however, it should be very easy to avoid the rough. After a brief straightaway pilots will hit Turn 2 which, like the one before it, is a 45° right turn. From here the track widens a bit and the rough begins to fade away before the 90° Turn 3 leads into the backstretch.

This long section features a single jump plate in the middle of the track, just past the halfway point of the straight. If you have any S-JET charges available, use one just prior to hitting the jump. With practice, this technique can be used to cut through (rather, over) parts of the next turns. While airborne, hold Down Dpad to pitch up. This will not only keep your machine airborne longer, it will also soften your landing and prevent a loss of speed. If you weren't able to cut across them, Turns 4 and 5 are 90° right and left turns flanked by heavy rough on the outside and light rough on the inside, respectively.

Turn 6 is yet another 45° right turn that leads to a small straight flanked on both sides by heavy rough. Immediately after Turn 7 (left, 45°), pilots must face a fairly wide hairpin turn. The best way to attack Turn 8 is with a slide turn. To slide, just steer and lean in the same direction (R Button+Right Dpad). Watch your exit from the slide turn lest you slam into the guard rail or wind up in the rough. From here, there's a short straigaway leading back to the goal line.