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Mute City (Sonic Oval)[edit]

Non-playable in the cup itself, but playable in multi-player it's rather cheap because it's the same as the first chapters' course, but without the tedious energy collecting mission. So long as you are in first and you have max speed, you'll win automatically.

Aeropolis (Screwdrive)[edit]

A short course involving sharp turns and two small energy strips and 2 or 3 boost strips. It is hard to play(from expirience of tgirvin) especially against master class, but all you have to do is boost as much as you can and knock-out other drivers to win.

Outer Space (Meteor Stream)[edit]

This course has a long tunnel and two of which have sleet covering them. The boost strips are allways in the middle of the track, so don't try anything ridiculous. Near the end of the strech, there will be two routes to choose, the inner one has all boosts and the outer one has two long energy strips.

Port Town (Cylinder Wave)[edit]

This is one of the most annoying courses in the game. You need to fly all over the track just to find a few boost strips. There are two energy strips on the entire course so save your energy. The computers like to be smart with you on this course so best practice before you play in the grand prix.

Lightning (Thunder Road)[edit]

This course has several 90-degree turns and a few that shape a lightningbolt. The strech before the finish line is a no boost zone just to tell you, because if you boost you fall off and lose if you're not safe. There are almost no boost strips and lots of energy strips.

Green Plant (Spiral)[edit]

This place is so big and sophisticated it's hardly believable! It has lots of energy strips and really tests your ability to drive. It goes from flat track to pipe track then to outer pipe track, like the first Fire Field place. There's one turn where if you don't play it safe but fast you'll get far behind. And there are 90-degree turns, play it safe while going fast.