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Cosmo Terminal (Trident)[edit]

This course is deceivingly simple.It consists of four triple track splits, thus the name Trident. The track splits are very thin and can get congested in grand prix. The track splits are color-coded, and each having one green, blue, and red track. On the first split, the green and blue tracks have two boost strips, and the red has one boost strip and an energy strip. The second split twists and overlaps itself several times. Each track has one boost strip and one energy strip. It is difficult and not recommended, but it is possible to jump to another track to get an extra boost. The third split is a fun one. Each has one boost strip and a large jump. The green track is advised because its boost strip is right before the jump. At the bottom are three energy strips, one on each track. The final track spit is tough. Each track has one boost panel, a energy strip with guard rails, and finally, a small jump.

Sand Ocean (Lateral Shift)[edit]

Fire Field (Undulation)[edit]

Aeropolis (Dragon Slope)[edit]

Phantom Road (Slim-Line Slits)[edit]