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Mission 1: Captain Falcon Trains[edit]

In 3 Laps on Mute City Sonic Oval, collect 20 capsules. On Hard you must collect 25, and on Very Hard you must collect 30.

Mission 2: Goroh the Vengeful Samurai[edit]

Beat Samurai Goroh to a checkpoint through Red Canyon, dodging boulders along the way. Samurai Goroh becomes faster and there are more boulders on higher difficulties.

Mission 3: High Stakes in Mute City[edit]

Beat 11 opponents at a race in a Casino Palace-style track. Opponents become faster at higher difficulties.

Mission 4: Challenge of the Bloody Chain[edit]

Fight through a pack of 28 weak opponents and destroy their leader, Michael Chain. Opponents become more durable on higher difficulties.

Mission 5: Save Jody![edit]

Escape the exploding power plant with Jody Summer in 50 seconds. On Hard, escape within 45 seconds, and escape within 40 seconds on Very Hard.

Mission 6: Black Shadow's Trap[edit]

Make it to the end of the course without going below 700 mph. On Hard you may not go below 750 mph, and on Very Hard the minimum speed is 800 mph.

Mission 7: F-Zero Grand Prix[edit]

Beat 29 opponents in 3 laps on a Mute City-style course. On Hard 4 laps are raced, and 5 laps are raced on Very Hard.

Mission 8: Secrets of the Champion Belt[edit]

Beat Deathborn in a 3-lap race in the Underworld. On Hard 4 laps are raced, and on Very Hard 5 laps are raced.

Mission 9: Enter the Creators[edit]

Beat the Staff Ghost in a 3-lap race around a Phantom Road-style track. On Hard 4 laps are raced, and on Very Hard 5 laps are raced. The Staff Ghost time will decrease as well.