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Nintendo 64 Nintendo GameCube Wii Classic Controller Controls
A button A button A button Accelerate.
B button B button B button Boost (only available after lap 1, with the exception of 'death race' and 'practice' where it is available from the start).
Down c Z button Zl button/Zr button Air brakes.
Right c Right cstick Right rstick Toggle camera position.
Neutral control Neutral control Neutral lstick Steer.
L button Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Toggle view of seconds between you and first place driver.
R button/Z button R button/L button R button/L button Drift. Double-tap for 'Side Attack'.
R button+Z button R button+L button R button+L button Skids.
Hold R button and double-tap Z button Hold R button and double-tap L button Hold R button and double-tap L button Spin attack.