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Jack Cup[edit]

Mute City: Figure Eight[edit]

F-Zero X Mute City.png

This course is the first of all courses. There is only one jump plate which is mainly trivial. All boosts are found in the middle of the wide track, making them predictable and easy to hit. This course is in a Figure-8 style from an aerial viewpoint. There is a loop right before the starting line, and energy recharge after the first tunnel.

Silence: High Speed[edit]

F-Zero X Silence.png

This course is an oval where the player appears to only go straight, due to the way the track bends. The player can usually maintain higher speeds here than on other courses. The recharge is located before the finish line, after the tunnel.

The first boost near the start is in the middle of the track. On the first downward turn, boosts appear on the left, middle, and left. This is then followed by four boosts, middle, right, left, and middle.

Sand Ocean: Pipe[edit]

F-Zero X Sand Ocean.png

On this course, its possible to go in and out of the pipes. This is the first course that has pipe elements.

When you enter the pipes, rival pilots tend to be clustered together, which you can optionally use to eliminate potential rivals.

The recharge is located after the second pipe.

Devil's Forest: Corkscrew[edit]

F-Zero X Devil's Forest.png

This course has a corkscrew, along fairly sharp turns with dirt along the outside of those turns. Aside from rough terrain at the corner of some bends, and two boosts in the middle of the track, the track is otherwise standard.

Big Blue: Cylinder[edit]

F-Zero X Big Blue.png

This course has a cylinder where it is possible to go on the top, bottom, or underneath. This is the first course with cylinder elements. The cylinder itself has three phases, denoted by a change in it's texture and color - after the cylinder is a recharge section, and a zig-zag.

The first cylinder section has boosts on the top, followed by one on the bottom. The second has two boosts on the bottom and one on top. The third has a boost on the bottom, followed by one top near the end.

The cylinder is safe when transitioning back to the regular track even if you are on the bottom.

Port Town: High Jump[edit]

F-Zero X Port Town.png

The course starts with a few very sharp turns, before eventually leading to the single high jump hill.

The hill is preceded by a series of boosts meant to give speed. Once you have jumped, arc slightly to the right, and aim to land your racer parallel to the track to keep the boosted speed.

Queen Cup[edit]

  • Sector Alpha: On this circuit the track has an inverted looped from the starting grid to the tunnel behind it. There are two boosts - one in the middle, and the other in the blue tunnel.
  • Red Canyon: On this course, the track elements are red and are of rocks instead of the regular track surface. However, the main danger are the multiple jumps, where you can fall off the track. A simple graze of the canyon wall isn't fatal, but try to maintain enough speed.
  • Devil's Forest 2: An up-down section after the starting grid and the 270 degree left turn and before the high-walled banked corner and the narrowing of the course before the start/finish wire.
  • Mute City 2: This is the second Mute City course. This is the first Mute City course in this game that has Jump Plates, but this one has only one Jump Plate. The jump plate is not a shortcut, but is useful if you don't want to travel in the tight portion of the track. This course takes place at night and unlike the other two, the buildings in the background are black as the lights are turned on in those buildings.
  • Big Blue 2: This is the second Big Blue course, and it has regular track elements. A sharp turn is immediately after the beginning of the race.
  • White Land: This is the first White Land course. On this course, the set of jump plates form steps, where the track narrows on each step without guard rail protection. Be careful not to fall off the edge of each step.

King Cup[edit]

  • Fire Field: On this course, the blacktop is completely black and after you hit the Dash Plates and go off the end, whenever you land, there is a red line throughout and you don't return to the elements without a red line until you get very close to the Start Line.
  • Silence 2: There's a wavy road area on this course that has no barriers, so be careful.
  • Sector Beta: This course has more inversions on this course. If you hit the traps on this course in front of you, your Energy Meter will decrease.
  • Red Canyon 2: This course has also green elements, although most of them are red. This is the only Red Canyon course that has a tunnel.
  • White Land 2: This course is all a half-pipe, so be careful not to fall from the edge. You enter the half-pipe right after the START, but you get back on the regular elements right before you race the whole lap.
  • Mute City 3: This course has a lot of Jump Plates. Unlike the other two Mute City courses, there are many areas that have no barriers, therefore making this the easiest Mute City course to fall off from, and it has no tunnels.

Joker Cup[edit]

  • Rainbow Road: The whole track has the same order of elements from Mario Kart 64. Unlike Mario Kart 64, no characters in neon lights appear, there are various area that have no barriers, the whole bottom is like water, there are traps as first seen on Sector Beta, and the elements contain rainbow lines, and some of them are just clear.
  • Devil's Forest 3: This course is a Mirror-Road course, where you can invert and see directly where you were before on this course during each lap. Try not to fall off the course since a lot of areas have no barriers. The pipe, seen in the first Sand Ocean is much shorter, and you exit it right to the Start Line.
  • Space Plant: This course is the second course that has a cylinder, first seen in the first Big Blue course. There are high jumps on this course, although it has no Jump Plates.
  • Sand Ocean 2: This course is a Wave Panic course. Unlike the first Sand Ocean, there are no pipes.
  • Port Town 2: This course is much like the one in the SNES game, F-Zero, except, when you go from one end to another, you go up the hill, go off the edge, and land to the other end, but this course has no Jump Plates like the game it first appeared in.
  • Big Hand: This course has deadly curves, and you go around the course like a hand. The deadly curves are the fingers, since this course has more U-Turns than you expected.