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If you didn't already take the quest card, do so now and go to Orchard Farm. When you enter Orchard Farm you need to head to the Apple Trees.

Before you start the quest, you will be able to enter the house here, it only opens during certain times and can't be broken down or broken into with lockpick, so if you want to get the items inside, do it now.

Inside you will find:

  • 1 x Making Friends
  • 1 x The Rotten Apple

You'll get filled in on what you have to do and the challenge begins.

You have 3 minutes 30 seconds to kill as many Hobbes as you can.

There is no real threat from Hobbes, unless they have large numbers, but here the most you will possibly see is 5, usually they are in a group of 3.

If you want to Humble Whisper don't fight near her, she will take more of your kills on Hobbes you beat up than you will gain from her beating them up.

After the time runs up, if you have more than her, you win.

Beating this quest earns you:

  • 900 gold
  • 200 renown
  • 1 x Hobbe Tooth Trophy