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The first choice you must make is male or female, this choice only affects appearance and clothes. Nothing else is really modified.

The aim of this chapter is to acquire a magical music box, to do so you must obtain 5 gold, in exchange for 5 quests. 1 gold per quest.

Albions Most Wanted[edit]

Go past Murgo and talk to Derek the guard. Follow the Golden trail to him. He will ask you to collect 5 warrants which have flown down an alley. You will find these scattered down the alley, next to the photograph machine. This quest will continue simultaneously with the other quests, so there will be more about this under the following headings.

Barnum's Image Capturing Device[edit]

There is a photograph machine to the left of Derek, go and talk to Barnum, operating the equipment. He will ask you to pose. When he asks you, press up, down, left or right - on the D-Pad - to perform a pose.

Finding Your Dog[edit]

Down the alleyway, to the right of Barnum, you will find a pikey tormenting a Dog. Rose will complain, then get hit. You then beat him up by tapping X repeatedly whilst next to him and save the dog. A gold trail will take you to the first warrant, pick it up.

The Beetle Hunt[edit]

Go further down the alley and up the stairs at the end, the gold trail should lead you up. Balthazar will ask you to kill some beetles.

  • Good : Go upstairs and shoot the Beetles.
  • Bad : Stay downstairs and smash up his stock.

Leave and go downstairs, go right and fight another warrant. Continue up the street to find the lady and the tramp.

The Lady and The Tramp[edit]

Go and talk to the man and woman arguing, accept the quest. Then head back to they way you came - near the steps to Balthazar - you will be shown a sleeping tramp with a bottle of drink. Go pick up the bottle and return.

  • Good : Give to the woman.
  • Bad : Give to the man.

You will be given another arrest warrant. Turn around and you will see the dog, go and pick up the last arrest warrant.

The Love Letter[edit]

Go back to Derek and hand in the arrest warrants, next to him there will be a Romeo and Juliet style scene, go and talk to Monty and accept his quest. Then go and knock on the door of the house.

  • Good : Give the letter to the daughter upstairs
  • Bad : Give the letter to the mother downstairs.

Castle Fairfax[edit]

Go and buy the magic box, follow the golden trail to the end of the road. Use the box. Then go to sleep. You will be awoken in the night by the dog barking and a guard. Follow Rose.

You will now be in the Castle. Follow Jeeves. Wait for Rose to die, and fall out the window. Now you are ready for the next chapter - Birth of a Hero.