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Found at nine locations throughout Albion are Demon Doors, giant portals carved from living stone that hold mystical areas and treasures. In order to open each one, you'll have to do them a favor - but no two want the same thing.


Bower Lake[edit]

This Door fancies himself a playwright, and wants you to perform the story he tells using the following expressions at the appropriate time:

  • Bloodlust roar
  • Fart
  • Middle Finger
  • Worship
  • Blow Kiss
  • Growl
  • Point and Laugh
  • Dance
  • Laugh
  • Vulgar Thrust

For your trouble, you'll find a Lucky Charm augmentation for your weapons inside.

Bowerstone Cemetery[edit]

To open this Door, located near the mansion, you'll need to bring him some meat - kick one of the nearby chickens at him, and he'll be satisfied.

Inside, you'll find chests containing Balverine Strength Potion, Practised Skill Potion and Infused Will Potion.


Southeast of the bridge, near an abandoned campsite, you'll find another Demon Door. Impress him by having your dog perform four tricks and he'll open. There's a Potion of Life inside.


To open this lovesick Demon Door, along the waterside path past the sculptor's house, propose to someone who's in love with you, or blow a kiss to your spouse if you're already married by the time you find him.

Inside is Serenity Farm, a house you can use as a marital home, and the legendary weapon Hammerthyst.


Bring the Demon Door Cheese, then dress up with Dreadlocks, Mutton Chops, a Yokel Hat, Tart Skirt, and a Noble Gent's Shirt in order to open him.

As a reward for this questionable outfit, you'll find a Merchant's Cap, Knotted Shirt and Harlequin Trousers inside the door.


This Door will open if your hero is more than 50% corrupt. Inside is The Calavera, a legendary mace.


Bring ten villagers with you to open this door and you'll find the Perforator rifle inside.


Perform a perfect Lute expression to open this Demon Door, located on the Wraithmarsh Road in Bloodstone.

Inside the Winter Lodge behind the door is a Master Longsword.

Fairfax Castle[edit]

This Demon Door will only open when all eight of the other doors have been opened. Your reward is 50,000 gold pieces.