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1 Key Chests[edit]

  1. Bowerstone graveyard on the left of the statue.
  2. South area of the Bowerstone lake directly opposite where the path splits to go three ways.
  3. Bowerstone Lake towards Brightwood, the pathway leads to some ruined arches. There's some building debris on the side of the path which has three arched windons. Opposite this is a path leading to a single archway. Go through the arch and the chest is on your immediate right. East of map.

5 Key Chests[edit]

  1. Fairfax Road in Bowerstone, on the left in an enclosed fenced area next to a tiny pond.
  2. From the Old Bowerstone Market and entering Rookridge, on your left just past the tree and dig spot.
  3. In the ruined tower in the centre of the Brightwood map.
  4. Westcliff towards the center of map at shooting range.
  5. Bowerstone Road in Rookridge. At the most southern part of the map there is a turning which leads to a chest next to a kneeling statue.
  6. From Old Bowerstone leading into cemetery road, you'll come to Rookridge Road. As soon as you have entered this area from Cemetery road, when the path splits, take the right path which will lead to the chest which is next to a kneeling statue.

10 Key Chests[edit]

  1. At the bottom of map in a tomb.
  2. Gypsy camp, enter the camp and head to the right side of the camp - there is an opening in the fence which leads up a dirt track. If you follow this path you'll see a ruined tower.The chest is at the base of the tower. (note the fence opening won't be available from the start of game).
  3. Go through Oakfield cemetery and follow the path upwards, the chest is at the end. This grants you a weapons Slash and Burn Augment. This is at the NE part of the map.
  4. On the Westcliff path there is an "O" on the map just as the path reaches the "O".

15 Key Chests[edit]

  1. In Cullis Gate area SE of map under the stone stairs.
  2. Wraithmarsh from coming from Wrathmarsh into bloodstone, its on right.
  3. In Rookridge after you have followed the path past the Inn, head along a rail track. On you left is the chest next to a wooden water tower.

20 Key Chests[edit]

  1. Bloodstone into Wraithmarsh take the left and follow path to end.
  2. On the road to Westcliff southern part of map in ruined slave camp.

50 Key Chests[edit]

  1. Fairfax Castle throne room once you purchase it.