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These are the maps in Cyberzone and Cyberscape. The bonus levels of Cyberzone and most of Cyberscape have items, special walls, and teleports marked on the map. Here's a following guide:

  • The starting point is in yellow.
  • Power-ups are in blue with A for Armor, S for Shots, and W for Weapon.
  • Temporary special-ups are in green with C for Camo, F for Freeze, and S for Shield.
  • Other special-ups are in gold with C for Coin, L for Extra Life, and S for Sensor.
  • Cyberscape items are in red with B for Bandaid, C for Clue, K for Key, and M for Map. Keys have different colored letters depending on the door it opens.
  • Teleports are in purple with the white number being the teleporter and the black number being where you teleport to.
  • Buttons are in white, grey, and black to open light, regular, and black doors respectively.
  • For exits, Cyberzone has it as a black and white circle and Cyberscape has it as a yellow wall.
  • The other walls are blue for invisible walls, green for breakable walls, red for doors locked by key, and purple for teleports. Walls with a number are also teleports.

Cyberzone[edit | edit source]

Cyberscape[edit | edit source]