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Name Description
Slime A jelly-like creature. Blue in color.
Treant A violent, moving tree.
Fungus A big mushroom. Tasty when cooked.
Wasp A large bee-like insect. Has a painful sting.
Dramos A round, cute dragon with one eye.
Maneater Carnivorous plant that holds strong acid.
Rock Face Large monster made of rock with a face of a human.
Shadow A black smokey monster.
Poison Fungus A big mushroom. Do not eat.
Ooze A gray colored liquid creature. Slimey.
Zombie Dramos Dramos turned zombie. Don't get bitten!
Red Slime A red jelly-like creature. Boiling hot.
Ash Dramos Evolved species of Dramos that is weak to light.
Skeleton Skeleton warrior mobilized by magic.
Phantom A ghost that floats in the air.
Wraith A shell of a former warlock. Now it has lost its powers.
Giant Medusa A humongous jelly-fish. Can move on land as well.
Golem A mechanical doll made in ancient times.
Blue Knight A warrior garbed in blue armor. Protects the tower.
Red Knight A warrior garbed in red armor. Fights all intruders.
Dark Knight A warrior garbed in black armor. Guardian of the Sky Temple.
Metallic Ooze A creature made of liquidized metal. Matte texture.
Mecha Dramos A mechanical device made to look like a Dramos.
Guardian A mechanical soldier somebody made to protect something.
Orc Prince A Hero from an unknown dimension.
Mega Dark A demon that wakes every few hundred years.
Giga Dark The second form of Mega Dark. Excessively big.
Terra Dark Fairune's core. Needs rebooting every now and then.