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Fallout has its share of powerful opponents that you will meet in the game. This section has strategy information for the biggest of the bad guys.

Garl (The Raider Leader)[edit | edit source]

  • Hit points: 70
  • Armor: Metal Armor
  • Weapon: Desert Eagle .44
  • Difficulty: Hard

Watch out, this is one of the two fights that can result in your death. Since you are attempting this fight in the early game, it is quite difficult. Equip the SMG and go burst right in his face. Use stimpacks frequently as needed.

Garl also has about 14 allies, which are fairly easy kills. The only ones that should give you trouble are those that wield guns, like Petrox, Tolya, and his female raiders.

Ian comes in real handy during this battle. The fight is difficult, but with the amount of equipment that you'll gain, is well worth it.

Gizmo (The Casino Owner)[edit | edit source]

  • Hit points: 70
  • Armor: None
  • Weapon: Mauser 9mm
  • Difficulty: Stupid Easy

This guy is really easy. You'll get two good allies, plus Ian and Tycho and Dogmeat. Just attack Gizmo first, and later Izo. Izo has 50 hit points, metal armor, and is unarmed.

Decker[edit | edit source]

  • Hit points: 50-95
  • Armor: Vaires; none to leather armor
  • Weapon: Strong pistols/strong melee
  • Difficulty: Medium

This is the last one of the death fights. You'll have Ian, Tycho, Dogmeat, and two Hub Police guards, but they don't have many hit points. Decker's guards are somewhat tough, and Kane has 95 hit points and somehow seems difficult to kill. Also, one has a sledgehammer. You might lose Dogmeat in this battle.

Deathclaw (at Hub)[edit | edit source]

  • Hit points: 225
  • Armor: Strong Skin
  • Weapon: Claw
  • Difficulty: Somewhat easy

Actually, this fight is pretty easy... you can do the job in Metal Armor and semi-decent big guns skill, something like 35%. Get Jake's Rocket Launcher and pummel that deathclaw down...

Sniper Rifles and Combat Shotguns in conjunction with Combat Armor work well.

Aim the shots (if you have the sniper) at the Deathclaw's legs or eyes. You can cripple his legs, and then it will be quite easy.

The Lieutenant of the Mutant Armies (aka Lou)[edit | edit source]

  • Hit points: 250
  • Armor: Unknown, equivalent of Brotherhood Armor
  • Weapon: Gatling Laser
  • Difficulty:
    • Him: Easy
    • His mutant troopers: Difficult

This brute is pretty tough, and has two super mutants on his left and right. Both have about 80-90 hit points and wield gatling lasers and rocket launchers. One great tactic is entering combat mode, running up in front of him, and using the .223 Pistol at the eyes. The Lou will attack, and so will his guards. Since the guards' weapons have the 'area' effect, they will work wonders on the lieutenant. His armor cannot withstand rocket launcher damage well. This fight is pretty difficult, but with Power Armor, a strong weapon, and several stimpacks, it will be well worth it.

The .223 Pistol, the Combat Shotgun, and Sniper Rifles are excellent small arms choices for this fight. If you have a Plasma Rifle with you, then the fight would be even easier.

It is also a good idea to pick the Rocket Launcher and Minigun from dead troopers. Miniguns work wonders on the mutants with minimal clothing.

Your main worry for this fight is the chance that the enemy will score critical hits. Since they wield huge weapons, there is a small chance of survival, and it is advisable to save often.

The Master of the Mutants[edit | edit source]

  • Hit points: 500
  • Armor: Thick skin
  • Weapon: Twin Gatling Laser cannons with unlimited ammo Can spawn mutants at will (they have 50 hit points and good weapons)
  • Difficulty:
    • Him: Somewhat Difficult
    • His mutant troopers: Difficult

Two things: Plasma Rifle and Power Armor. Or if you have excellent small arms skills, a .223 pistol and a sniper will also work well.

These two will kill him in an instant, and since he is immobile, you can use the columns to your advantage.

This is what to do
 X (Master)

 O O (Columns)
 * (You)

Stand behind one of the columns, and when it is your turn, go move out one hex, aim for his eyes (with decent skill) or just attack him, and then fall back. This trick is guaranteed to work, and you will have a clear line of fire for the mutants he spawns.

This method takes time, but with criticals, he is toast. I scored 119 points on him once at the eyes. Pretty much, you can devastate the entire cathedral with about 300 cells, 35 stimpacks, Power Armor, and of course, the Plasma Rifle. If you have an extremely high critical chance (or have leveled up enough to get 'sniper'), you can use a gatling laser from the dead body of a mutant. Gatling lasers deal a lot of damage with is entirely possible to kill the master in two hits.

Again, your main worry is that the master or his mutants might score a critical against you.

NOTE: According to Eric Wills, this guy is what became of Richard Grey.

Earlier, it was stated that Grey was the Lieutenant of the mutant armies.

This is the actual text from Bernardo Barros, as he had more info to give:

"Actually, it's half-true. On the military base, when you access the Vats computer, you can search the logs. There are two that are useful: Maxon's and Grey's. Maxon's diary was written by Captain Maxon, who founded the Brotherhood of Steel (he's related to General Maxon). It says all about the true circumstances of the foundation of the Brotherhood. Grey's diary was written by Harold's missing friend [Harold is the ghoul who lives on the Hub (Old Town) and tells you about the deathclaws - he mentions Dr Grey if you ask him about his story, he also says how he lost contact with him while raiding a certain "military base"]. It says Grey started mutating, he found out about the FEV while in there, he started his wicked plan and then looked for another suitable base of operations (which happens to be the Cathedral). However those things only serve your own curiosity, since nobody cares about it (I tried Harold; General Maxton and his assistant; Vree; and the Elder who talks to you)."

Deathclaws[edit | edit source]

  • Location: Boneyards
  • Hit points: 225-320
  • Armor: Strong skin
  • Weapon: Claw
  • Difficulty:
    • With .223 Pistol: somewhat easy
    • With Combat Shotgun: between medium and hard

This fight is pretty difficult if you are stuck with the combat shotgun and combat armor. This fight is also relatively easy if you have the .223 pistol and power armor. Keep on aiming for the eyes, and you'll guzzle up about 10 stimpacks in no time. Deathclaws don't deal much damage to you (5 tops) with power armor, and with hardened it is almost nil, but you've got to watch out for the critical attacks.

The amount of Deathclaws on the ground floor will vary depending on your difficulty setting.

You also have to know that the deathclaws will respawn (i.e., more will come) after about one to two hours if you kill the critters on the ground floor and forget about the deathclaw mother and the deathclaw eggs on the basement floor. This is a good way to get heaps of experience since one deathclaw is worth a thousand experience a pop.