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Bugs present in version 1.1[edit]

Even with the patched release, Fallout contains several bugs. Here is a list of a few of them (included are workarounds, if necessary):

  • You can barter and steal over your maximum weight limit. It's corrected in Fallout 2.
  • Irwin's quest takes about 14 days. But on the Pip-Boy, it will only subtract two days until the deadline for the Vault to run out of water.
  • Using Power Armor and drugs can get you perks that you were not entitled to getting.
  • If you offered to scout out the northern area for Maxson, destroyed the Military base, told Maxson that the (imploded) base is crawling with mutants and were asked to go to the Elder meeting, this causes an endless conversation. After you enter the Elder meeting room, the elder on the bottom left will continue to congratulate you.
    • Workaround: Right after the elder finishes talking, hit 'A' to go into combat mode and run away. This works. Alt-Tabbing during the conversation seems to make the problem go away.
  • There are some Brotherhood of Steel and Shady Sands ending irregularities. Sometimes it seems quite strange when the Brotherhood takes over NCR when Shady Sands gets taken over by mutants (and doesn't start NCR).
  • It's possible to gain two Luck from CChuck, the fortune-teller in Adytum if you choose the right conversation path.
  • One of the FAQ readers told me that the bridge guard wouldn't move after you've told him even with version 1.1. The only work-around is to kill the Gun Runners and then take care of the Regulators by yourself (without the Blades assisting you).