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  1. For starters, the easiest one is to swindle the shopkeepers in the game. For example, you can sell a stimpack to a shopkeeper for $100 and buy it back for $80! Repeat as desired. Works on all versions.
  2. You can use drugs and get perks that you normally aren't entitled to getting. This is good for obtaining slayer and sniper. Power Armor also should get you perks.

Ver 1.0 tricks[edit]

These will only work if you are using version 1.0.

  1. Every time you go in the Deathclaw cavern, you'll get 800 experience. You can leave and ask Slappy to take you there again, and you'll also get the experience!
  2. You can take the Gifted Trait and then use the Mutate! perk to change Gifted into another trait. The main skill point bonus still remains, and the secondary skill point penalty is lifted.