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A guide to controls in Fallout.


Standard Shortcuts[edit]

The basics. Most can be used during combat. Some of these may be unnecessary for normal play.


[Esc] : Access your pause menu.
[Tab] : View your local map.
[Enter] : End combat.
[Space Bar] : During combat, end your turn. If safe, end combat.
[Arrow Keys] : Move the camera.
[Home] : Center the camera on your character.
[1 ~ 8] : Activate skill with corresponding number.
[1] Sneak
[2] Lockpick
[3] Steal
[4] Traps
[5] First Aid
[6] Doctor
[7] Science
[8] Repair 
"I" : Bring up your inventory. Uses 4 AP in combat per use.
"O" : Access pause menu.
"P" : Bring up Pipboy.
"A" : Initiate combat.
"S" : View skills.
"Z" : Rest for a set amount of time. Not available at certain locations or in combat.
"C" : Bring up a detailed report of your character's stats.
"B" : Swap your currently equipped item for your second one. Does not use AP in combat.
"N" : Cycle through alternate actions with your currently equipped item.
"M" : Change cursor mode.


[Ctrl] + "Q" : Quit the game.
[Ctrl] + "X" : ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[Ctrl] + "P" : PAUSE the game. Not to be confused with the pause menu.
[Ctrl] + "S" : Save game.
[Ctrl] + "L" : Load game.
[Ctrl] + "M": End combat.


[Shift] + <LMB> : Run to location of cursor.


For dialogue or inventory use only.


[Esc] : Close non-dialogue menues. While bartering, cancel barter.
[Arrow Keys] : Scroll through your inventory.
[0 ~ 9] : Choose a dialogue option.
"A" : Ask
"B" : Barter


[Ctrl] + [Arrow Keys] : While accessing another inventory, scroll through that inventory. 



[F6] : Quicksave
[F7] : Quickload
[] : Increase in-game brightness.
[] : Decrease in-game brightness.
[] : Rotate character 1 hex clockwise.
[] : Rotate character 1 hex counterclockwise.
[] : Display the in-game date and time on the in-game monitor.


[Ctrl] + "V" : Display game version on the in-game monitor.