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There are many, many critters that you will see in Fallout. They range from rats to super mutants to Deathclaws. This is an incomplete list, as there is quite a large number of creatures in the game.


Rats are relatively easy creatures that you will see in the beginning of the game.

Name HP xp Weapon Armor Notes
Cave Rat 6 25 Teeth Fur Instant kill with strong critical.
Pig Rat 10 50 Teeth Skin Instant kill with strong critical.
Lesser Mole Rat 22-26 65 Teeth Fur Instant kill with strong critical.
Greater Mole Rat 26-30 120 Teeth Fur Instant kill with strong critical.


Radscorpions are closely related to the North American Emperor Scorpion, and have been mutated by the war. The increased size makes them larger than humans, and the venom contained in their tails can be used to make an antidote.

Name HP xp Weapon Armor Notes
Radscorpion 26 110 tail carapace poison attack


Range from varying (townsfolk) to medium (raiders, guards) to difficult (Brotherhood Guards) - note that they have no special. Experience earned is not dependent on the hit points and/or difficulty of the target.

Name HP xp Weapon Armor Notes
Townsfolk 10 to 141 varies (one guy carries a Super Sledge at the Boneyard) varies from none to combat armor
Raiders 12-35 Pistols, SMG's, various melee weapons Leather Armor
Junktown City Guards 20-50 Pistols, rifles, shotguns, various melee weapons Leather Armor
Hub City Guards 59 or 83 Combat Shotguns, Assault Rifles, unarmed/melee weapons Combat Armor or Metal Armor
Brotherhood Guards 35-95 Miniguns, gatling lasers, assault rifles, one has a rocket launcher Power Armor/Brotherhood Armor
COC Techs COC Priests, BOS Scribes and Elders 35-75 varies, none to small energy weapons or pistols COC robes (BOS Scribes have bluish or dark purple robes)

FEV creatures & Ghouls[edit]

This is the direct result of what happens when a normal human is injected with the forced evolutionary virus. Extremely big and strong, Super Mutants make a formidable opponent. They are typically seen with floaters and centaurs, two creatures that the FEV can also spawn.

Tim Cain stated that ghouls were victims of radiation poisoning, not victims of the FEV virus on an IGN post. It turned out that the ghouls were former inhabitants of Vault 12 (where Necropolis is at). Vault 12's doors never functioned, therefore Ghouls are victims of radiation poisoning.More information about ghouls can be obtained by speaking with Talius at the Boneyards or by visiting the inhabitants of Vault 12.

The FEV was designed at the place now known as the Glow with hopes of creating a super soldier. The virus makes the humans stronger, but lowers intelligence and in its current state, makes them sterile.

Name HP xp Weapon Armor Notes
Super Mutant 40-140 250-500 any big gun or large energy weapon (or unarmed) green - very lightly armored

black - somewhat armored (miniguns/SMG's don't work that well against them)

Ghoul 12-100 same as humans, except they cannot use big guns or large energy weapons. none
Glowing Ghouls 36-60 same as humans, but I've only seen unarmed so far none They can radiate you! If you use the geiger counter, you'll see about 5 to 10 rems. (Estimate here)
Floaters 50-75 A weird tenticle, which is reasonably powerful and can knock you over thick skin (like master) I'm not sure, but they can poison you.
Centaurs 94-130 Teeth, virtually the same knocking-over capabilities of its "floating" brethren thick skin, but not as thick as Floater skin. Similar to floaters

Note: You'll only see Centaurs and Floaters in random encounters or in the first level of the Cathedral.


Robots - in a post nuclear game. They are either found in the Glow or in the two mutant bases. Pulse grenades do the best job, but plasma grenades and energy weapons are also effective.

Name HP xp Weapon Armor Notes
Sentry Robots (tan) 40 175 Unarmed Steel
Floating Eye Robots (red) 60 275 Unarmed Steel
Sentry Robots (black) / Robobrains 80 300 Rifles or Shotguns Strong Steel
Mr. Handy 113 400 Minigun Strong Steel

Creatures of the wastes[edit]

Creatures that wander around the wasteland, and don't fit under a particular classification.

Name HP xp Weapon Armor Notes
Lesser deathclaw/ deathclaw spawn ~300 can be found in the wasteland when traveling with a caravan from the hub, easier to kill than a normal deathclaw
Deathclaw 225 1000 Claws Thick skin (don't be fooled - very strong) Deathclaws are very strong and deadly creatures. Fighting one by itself isn't too hard with decent small guns skill, but fighting many is difficult. If you give Ian the .223 Pistol and Tycho the Sniper Rifle, then the two make an excellent Deathclaw-killing squadron. They (deathclaws) have an insane amount of action points, so watch out!
Mantis 20 or 30 Appendages Exoskeleton Mantis are only found in random encounters outside.
Dogs 14 Teeth Fur