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XP Table
  • 400 XP - Release Tandi without using violence





  1. Several tents
  2. The main building


  1. Garl, the Raider leader
  2. Tandi


  1. Free Tandi from the Raiders. Do this by either killing the raiders or lockpicking the door and then killing the raiders (if they attack you).
  2. If you've freed Tandi in a diplomatic manner, go back to the camp after you've brought her back to Shady Sands and kill everyone there.

When you enter the area, do not talk to any of the raiders yet, except for Garl, their leader. Just avoid them and enter the main building. If a raider talks to you, try to bullshit them by saying that you have something to do with Garl, or you're leaving soon.

Garl is the guy in the metal armor. Talk to him, and try to get Tandi back. You can wrestle him, barter for her release (a cost between $400 and $1100), talk him out of it, or the straight and forward approach, kill him. Not every option is available for every character (of course, the latter one is). Return to Shady Sands to return her home. If you don't, then she'll be just another NPC.

If you decide to fight Garl hand to hand, he'll hand you his Desert Eagle and his metal armor if you win. It is quite easy to win; even the starting character Natalia can win.

If you resorted to open combat, low level characters should at least have an SMG available. You may be able to kill one isolated target without worrying about others approaching (even if they otherwise become hostile). At the very least, three guards will need to be slain - two guarding the back door and one guarding the cells. Garl (along with two others in the main room) will likely become alerted and join the combat as well. There's no key to Tandi's door, thus you will need to unlock it with multiple uses of the lockpick skill.


  • If you're male, are wearing leather armor, and have high charisma and intelligence (former important) then Garl will think that you're his father. Adds some neat conversation options. Go back to Shady Sands, and talk to Seth and Aradesh.
  • If you choose to kill all of the raiders, you won't get any quest experience for freeing Tandi - in the game, this is considered a risky maneuver, as it is a bit early to face the raiders in combat. Mind you, it is possible and isn't too hard with Ian on your side.