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Notable Areas
  1. Shack entrance
  2. Vault Caves and Entrance
  3. Living Quarters
  4. Command Center
Notable Characters
  1. Lots of rats
  2. The Greater Mole Rat (actually there are two)
Stuff to get
  • .44 magnum FMJ x40
  • Crowbar
  • Flare x8
  • Stimpacks
  • First Aid kit
  • Leather Jacket
  • 10mm SMG
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Whatever ammo you can find
  • Dynamite
  • Grenade (Frag) x2
  • Rope
  1. Kill all of the rats in the area.
  2. Get the Leather Jacket, the 10mm SMG, the Dynamite, and the 2 grenades on the upper levels.
  3. Get to the Vault Command Center.

When you enter the vault area, you'll notice a small shack in the middle of nowhere. Enter it, and you'll see a manhole. Go down the manhole to enter the Vault 15 cavern.

There's not much to tell about here in this area. Probably the most troublesome thing is the Lesser Mole Rat, and even he is quite easy to kill. Either attack him unarmed or with the pistol.

The primary goal of this level is to go to the command center and try to go to the hallway that leads to the main computer and the overseer pedestal. The passageway is blocked, and you'll get a message saying that the water chip is nowhere to be found. You'll get 500 xp for your efforts. Scour the area just because of the xp, the SMG, and the leather jacket.

When you enter the vault, kill all of the rats and get the flares from the locker in the first hallway and some healing items from the locker in the eastern hospital room. To get to the second floor, you need a rope. Use it on the elevator, and you can climb down to reach the living quarters of the vault. Kill the rats in the second floor and enter the room with the locker, which contains a Leather Jacket and some rope. In the northern half, there is some FMJ ammo and in one room's bathroom (the southwestern room) there is a Hunting Rifle (it's hard to blends in with the floor). Use the rope on the elevator on the right-hand side and enter the command center.

Once when you enter the command center, there will be a mole rat guarding the area. Kill him. Go to the southern area, and then go to the eastern side, which is covered with rocks. Once you reach the area, you will get a message saying that the water chip cannot be found. You'll get 500 xp.* On the third level in the armory (the room above the passage which leads to the command center; in other words, the room with lockers), there are two frag grenades and a stick of dynamite, a crowbar, and a Sub-Machine gun. In addition, there is some ammo in the eastern rooms, as well as a first aid book in the library, and some more ammo in a locker in the library. After you've plundered the abandoned Vault for any usable items and have killed the rats, head back to Shady Sands.

Note by Eric Wills
You can receive 200 experience for finding the source of the rat infestation. The source can be found in the conference room, just north of the room where the SMG is.
Note by Tucker Latham
I received the message, "In the corner of the room is a rat-sized tunnel. They must be burrowing their way into the Vault from here." I received no experience.