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Listed below are the various types of items you will be able to find in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.


  • Stimpaks & Super Stimpaks: Restore Health
  • Caps & Bawls Caps: Currency
  • Fists/Gloves/Hammer: Makes a good melee weapon, poor reach.
  • Knives: Quicker than most other hand held weapons.
  • Pistols/Dual Pistols: Very good first guns but not quite as good as the rifle.
  • Rifles: Great long-ranged weapons, but not quite as fast as a pistol.
  • Big Guns: Miniguns, flamethrowers, turbo plasma rifles, the shredder, rocket launchers, continuous fire lasers, incendiary mortars, and plasma cannon.
  • Explosives: Things like grenades, bombs, and mini-nukes


  • Slugger: To get the Slugger you'll want to be in the docks area in the town of Los. Go past the last few radioactive puddles and into an alleyway behind them. Kill the ghouls behind the fences and head back through the alleyway. You'll see a giant ghoul. Take him down to get the slugger.
  • Meat Cannon: To get the Meat-Cannon you'll need to be in the bridge area of Los. There's a hidden bridge to the east of the bridge. Too bad the path is invisible. It's directly east of the save point. Stand near the edge and jump off directly east of it into the darkness. If you've suceeded you're standing in mid-air. Now just be careful and keep moving east. Finally you'll come to an island. Kill the ghouls here and check out the truck in the back corner. Open the locker to find the meat-cannon.