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I Forgot to Remember to Forget is the second quest related to companion Craig Boone.

Unlocking the quest[edit]

The quest is not available immediatly, and requires performing tasks concerning the Legion. These tasks must be comlpeted with Boone following you, and include:

  • Killing Vulpes Inculta, at Nipton, on the Strop, or in Caesar's tent.
  • Killing Silus at Camp McCarran, while torturing him for information.
  • During quest I Put a Spell on You, confronting and killing Captain Curtis.
  • During quest I Put a Spell on You, disarming the monorail.
  • During quest Back in Your Own Backyard, either killing the hostages or saving them. Craig prefers that they are rescued.
  • During quest Booted, releasing the slaves in the Legion Raid Camp.
  • Killing all legion presence at Cottonwood Cove through combat.
  • Killing Caesar at The Fort. This is difficult, since Caesar's guards have powerful melee weapons, and there is not much room for movement.

Once enough tasks are completed (it should take between 3 and 5 tasks), speak with Boone about Bitter Springs. This dialogue option is only available after speaking with Manny Vargas (from Novac) or Bitter-Root (from camp McCarran) about that massacre. After exhausing all dialogue, Boone will initially refuse to return to Bitter Springs, but will change his mind.

Bitter Springs[edit]

Head to Bitter Springs. If you haven't been here already, you may encounter Cazadors and Deathclaws on the path. However, it should be safer once you reach the recreation area or other nearby location.

When you arrive, he will direct you to Coyote Tail Ridge, which is a small hill overlooking the graveyard canyon. He will describe his story, about being stationed there to cover the exit, only to be ordered to fire upon the elderly, children and infirm. To continue the quest, state that you will remain here for the night.

Once night falls, Boone will alert you of an incoming Legion attack. There are three waves.

  1. The first wave approaches main entrance, and consists of three Legionaries. If you catch them in the canyon, you can hit them with an explosive attack before closing in.
  2. The second wave starts with Legion Mongrels, followed by additional legionaries. Like the first, they will approach by the main canyon.
  3. The third wave reaches Bitter Springs by the canyon near the sniper location. Move into Bitter Springs directly to intercept them. Since they are in the main camp, you won't be able to use explosives, but other weapons shouldn't cause problems.

When all three waves are defeated, Boone will speak with the player once again to finish the quest. He will receive upgraded armor, depending on the final dialog option. The first option gives the survival armor, and the second gives the assault armor.