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Throughout the game you will have the opportunity to tune into many radio stations via your Pip-Boy 3000.

Main Stations[edit]

These stations are available pretty much wherever you are in the Mojave Desert.

Mojave Music Radio

This station just has music, with no DJ.

Radio New Vegas

Based in New Vegas, and hosted by the smooth-voiced Mr New Vegas. Has music and news, and as your exploits grow, you might hear about them on the show.

Minor Stations[edit]

Launch Music Station

Appears briefly at the end of the quest Come Fly With Me.

Black Mountain Radio

Appears when you are in the area of Black Mountain, but is unavailable when you stray far from it. Becomes static when you complete Crazy, Crazy, Crazy.

Camp Guardian Radio

A distress signal, starts a freeform quest.

NCR Emergency Radio

Reports on events following No Gods, No Masters up to Eureka!, and also gives orders to NCR troops.

White Glove Society Radio Signal

Appears when you enter the Ultra-Luxe casino, but is inaccessible. Future DLC, perhaps.

DLC Stations[edit]

Sierra Madre Broadcast

Appears once Dead Money has been installed. Advertises the Sierra Madre casino, which jumpstarts the DLC.