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The House Always Wins is a series of quests concerning Mr. House.

In this entry, you need to obtain the Platinum Chip, and deliver it to Mr. House. Instructions for retrieving the Platinum Chip are shown in the quest Ring-a-Ding-Ding!, or if Benny slipped out of the casino, within the first part of Render Unto Caesar.

Subverting Caesar's Legion[edit]

If you needed to head to the Legion's Fort and were given the Platinum Chip, you are tasked to sabotage the production facility contained within the fort. While Caesar permits you to leave the camp, you cannot bring the platinum chip with you until you completed the section.

When you reach the second console in the underground production facility, use the platinum chip to start production of Securitrons. The ground will vibrate, tricking Caesar that the task is complete.


When you have the platinum chip, head to Mr. House and make the delivery. With sufficient Barter skill, you can increase the amount of caps you receive.

Upon delivery, you are brought to the basement, to show a demonstration of the chip - it contains software meant to upgrade securitons to use the rocket launcher and it's other powerful weapons. However, you should collect items you see here, as you won't return to the basement later.