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  • Collect Dog Tags from ghoul NCR troopers within Camp Searchlight and take them to First Sergeant Astor.
  • All ghoul dog tags found, return to First Sergeant Astor.

This quest is received from First Sergeant Astor, who is located in a small camp west of Camp Searchlight. He wants the dog tags of his ghoulified comrades. Speaking to him will also start the quest Eye for an Eye.

The Quest[edit]

With 50 speech, you can increase the amount of caps you get for each irradiated dog tag. There are 10 to find. 9 are found on the NCR ghouls roaming the area, you won't always find a dog tag on them but there are enough ghouls around to get 9. The 10th dog tag is located on a sentient ghoul named Private Edwards, who is in a home to the west, near the church.

Talking to Private Edwards will reveal that he will not give up his dog tags. There are several ways to convince him to give them up:

  • With 60 speech
  • With 7 strength
  • You can tell him that there's an NCR soldier waiting outside to kill him, and with 50 speech rile him into trying to kill Astor - this will likely get him killed, allowing you to loot his dog tag.
  • Selecting "there must be someplace you can go" then "the only thing you're afraid of" will reveal that he's afraid of the Radscorpions. You can lie to him with 60 speech that they are all gone, and he will leave and get killed - you can then get his dog tag from his body.
  • Or, kill them and return to Edwards, who still refuses to leave. You can talk to Astor and convince him the Edwards is safe with 50 speech or 7 intelligence. Failing that, he will be directed to Ranger Station Echo.
  • You can also just kill him outright and take the dog tag off his body.

Returning all the dog tags to Astor will get you 25 per tag plus 250, and a service rifle.