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Notable Areas
  1. Outside of the Military Base (tents)
  2. The Military Base
    1. Level 1 (entrance)
    2. Level 2 (armory/med lab)
    3. Level 3 (holding area)
    4. Level 4 (F.E.V vats)
Notable Characters
  1. Grundel, the first Super Mutant who you will face
  2. Melchoir, the final Super Mutant who you will face (he can throw random critters at you, the toughest being the deathclaws)
  3. Radiated Rats
  4. Super Mutants
  5. Super Duper Mutants
  6. Melchoir's Pets (deathclaws, fire gecckos, nasty floaters without poisoning ability, mutated mole rats)
  7. Dead Enclave troopers
  1. Kill the dogs when you enter the base. Wait until a dog attacks.
  2. Enter the military base.
  3. Kill everything in the base. Be sure to raid it.
  4. Repair the generator in the first level (needed to operate the lights and the elevator).
Quest Experience/Reward Table
  • Kill the dogs that are lurking outside: 660 kxp
  • Open the Military Base: 5000 xp
  • Fix the generator in the first level: 1500 xp
  • Kill all of the enemies in the first level: 1320 kxp
  • Kill all of the enemies in the second level: 6250 kxp
  • Kill all of the enemies in the third level: 4365 kxp
  • Kill Melchoir and all of his pets in the fourth level: 11565 kxp


This is the ruins of the old Military Base in the original Fallout. It has been destroyed twice, once by your character's ancestor and again by the Enclave.


In the beginning, you will be surrounded by several wolves. Kill them using your melee weapons. Afterwards, scout the tents, and be sure to read the map of San Francisco if you don't know where it is. You'll find some energy cells and some rockets. You can also get a holodisc from one of the footlockers in one of the tents; there are five of them and are scattered throughout the base. The discs will tell you how the Enclave obtained the F.E.V.

To enter the base, walk up to the mine cart, and towards the south, you'll see a pole. Pick up the pole (it's pretty heavy) and place it on the cart. Go to the north and enter the shack there (you'll need to pick the lock to enter it). Take one stick of dynamite and place it on the cart without setting the timer. Push the cart to blow up the pile of rocks in order to create an entrance to the base. Enter it.

When you enter the base, you'll see two corpses of Enclave troopers. If you examine them, you can find some plasma grenades, melee energy weapons, radios, and a holodisc on one of them. Head towards the left and kill all of the rats that you see there. Also, fix the generator using a combination of the Science and Repair skills for some experience.

Be sure to explore the depths of the first level and be sure to kill every critter that you can find. After you're done, head to the second level. The second level is a lot like the first, except that all of the enemies are super mutants wielding heavy weaponry. You should be able to take them out with ease, especially if you have the powered armor from Navarro. If you scout around, you can find several energy weapons, lots of health equipment (including six super stimpacks), and even a suit of the standard T-51b powered armor. This suit is older and isn't as good as the one that you should be wearing. If you don't have powered armor yet, be sure to put this suit on. Also, examine the corpses of the Enclave troopers to get some more grenades as well as the holodisc.

GUN Information: PPK12 Gauss Pistol
The Gauss Pistol is the most powerful pistol in the game and has penetration equal to that of the more powerful pulse-based weapons. The only drawback is the relative scarcity of 2mm EC ammo in the Fallout 2 world (save for the Enclave main base). It can do about two times the damage that the .223 pistol can muster, and is an excellent weapon for killing literally anything. The extremely powerful M72 is the only small arm that is more powerful than this weapon.

Go to the third level, and kill all of the super mutants there, and examine the corpses of the Enclave troopers. Again, you'll find the same thing. The mutants in the third level are a bit tougher than the previous ones that you've faced, particularly in that they have energy weapons rather than conventional weapons. After you've killed the final batch of mutants, head to the fourth level, and save the game.

The fourth level will be the one of the hardest levels in the game, not to mention the military base itself. Melchoir guards this part of the military base. He's surrounded by the remains of the F.E.V virus (I think), and can throw grenades which evolve into deathclaws, fire geckos, floaters, and mutated molerats. If you want a quick victory, kill Melchoir immediately using your most powerful weapon. Otherwise, start killing his critters until he runs out to maximize your experience points.

The footlocker holds the PPK12 Gauss Pistol, an extremely powerful firearm, as well as a holodisc (the latter item could be in Melchoir's corpse, I don't remember). Get the gun and leave the base for Navarro.