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Rough Map
     Rose's Bed and Breakfast
 Main Street
Notable Areas
  1. Main Street
    1. Trading Post
    2. Church
    3. Slaughterhouse
    4. Tannery
  2. Rose's Bed and Breakfast
    1. Rose's Bed and Breakfast
    2. Farrell's house
Notable Characters
  1. Modoc townsfolk
  2. Traders
  3. Jo, the mayor of Modoc
  4. Grisham, he owns the slaughterhouse
  5. Balthas, he owns the tannery
  6. Farrel, Modoc townsperson
  7. Cornelius, another Modoc townsperson
  8. Rose, she owns a bed-and-breakfast
  1. Offer to find the "Ghost Farm" for Jo.
  2. Guard the Brahmin for Grisham.
  3. Kill the rats that have invaded Farrel's garden.
  4. Find Cornelius' gold watch.
Quest Experience/Reward Table
  • Successfully guard the Brahmin: 600 kxxp, $1000
  • Kill the rats in Farrel's garden: 300 xp
  • Kill the rats in Farrel's garden: 635 kxp
  • Successfully blow up the outhouse: 5000 xp
  • Kill the mole rat: 160 kxp
  • Return the watch to Farrel: 1500 xp
  • Heal Bess: 200 xp


Modoc is a small farming community that is on the verge of death. A drought has plagued the crop harvest and a new "ghost farm" has been discovered. You can help forge an alliance between the new "ghost farm" and Modoc and also help the citizens in their daily lives. You can also get married here.


When you first come into Modoc, go in the trading post, and talk to the mayor, Jo. Ask him about Modoc, and then ask him about the G.E.C.K. He'll say he knows where it is, and he'll present you with a new quest: find the Ghost Farm. Get the details for the quest, but you do not have to undertake it at this moment. (By the way, Jo will lie to you and mention that a G.E.C.K is like a're doing the quest for the rewards and experience.)

You can go to the wooden building to the southeast of Modoc and talk to Grisham, the owner of the local slaughterhouse. You can offer to guard his brahmin at night for a $1000. If you do accept the quest, you have to guard some eight-odd brahmin against ten wild dogs. I have successfully completed the quest using a combination of a 10mm Pistol and a .44 Magnum revolver. After you have killed all ten dogs, leave the field and talk to Grisham to get the money. Also, if you look at the shelf next to Grisham, there is a first-aid book as well as some flares. You can steal a shotgun and some shells from also.

Next, go back to the trading post and talk to Jo. Barter some stuff (pistols, excess ammo, etc.) for some dynamite and a rope. Go to the well in the central area, and pry open the cover for the well. Use the rope on the well in order to descend down the well. If you want, you can optionally go there and find a BB gun and some money (though if you take those items, you'll lose karma).

Head to the Rose's Bar and Breakfast area, and go to the shack directly to your right. Talk to Farrel, and ask him about the gold watch. He'll tell you what happened. (BTW, you'll find it later.) Talk to him again, ask what he does, and tell him that you would like to help him get rid of some rats that invaded his garden. I had no problem defeating them unarmed. (This holds true with or without the armor.)

Now, go back to Rose's Bed and Breakfast, and this time, heal to full health and save the game. Enter the outhouse (it's a bit north of Farrel's home). Enter it, and place a stick of dynamite right next to the pile of rocks. Set the timer to three minutes, and escape from the outhouse. If you placed the dynamite correctly, this section Modoc should be covered with biological goo, as well as blowing the outhouse away. Usually, it doesn't work, and sometimes you end up killing yourself in the process.

After it has been done successfully, save the game, and heal yourself if you've taken massive damage as a result of the explosion. Enter the outhouse again, and go inside the cave. Kill the molerat that is guarding Cornelius' gold watch. Get the gold watch, leave the outhouse, and then give it to Farrel.

Now it is time to deal with the Ghost Farm. Save the game, and leave Modoc for the Ghost Farm. If you have a high Doctor skill, you can heal Bess, the brahmin with the broken leg for some experience before you venture out to the Ghost Farm. I was successful with 29% Doctor skill.

An optional marriage[edit]

You can also get married in Modoc. To try, talk to Grisham's children in his home. It's good for a laugh, but his children are horrible in combat. It doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl; both genders can have either spouse.