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Drivel specifics: 1st person

I had a good time with the aforementioned character (used above). The list is a selection of other good characters:

Name Stats Strategy
Gun-Handling Diplomatic Sniper 4 6 6 7 9 10 5 Take Gifted, and tag Small Guns, Energy Weapons, and Speech. Be sure to work on Energy Weapons and Small Guns early on. Get the Power Armor early on as well, and in the Brotherhood bunker, get the Pulse Rifle and Pulse Pistol.
Rounded Sniper 4 6 6 8 8 10 5 Take Gifted, and tag Small Guns, Speech, and Science. Work on Small Guns and build Speech to about 125% and Science to 150%. Get the Power Armor early on for this character.
Killer Sniper 4 8 5 7 8 10 5 Take Gifted, and tag Small Guns, Energy Weapons, and Melee Weapons. Again, get the Power Armor and the weapons cache early on. This character will be an absolute bastard in the end game and in combat, but will suffer slightly in diplomatic affairs and unarmed boxing.
Killer Sniper (variant 2) 6 7 6 6 7 10 5 Same info as above but will not be dependent on Power Armor. However, you will need NPC's to survive early on - Sulik, Vic, and perhaps Cassidy. Getting the second level of the combat implants is not a good idea (as it will decrease your charisma).
Overruler 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 If you know how to use hex editor, you can start the creation of new character, save it (without starting the adventure), fix the stats, and load the fixed file. Have fun. :D