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Rough Map
  |                          |
  |                          |
  |                 (via emergency exit)
  |---Prison                 |
          |                  |
          |                  |
       Storage/Shock Room    |
          |                  |
          |                  |
     Presidential Quarters---|
      Nuclear Reactor
Notable Areas
  1. Entrance
  2. Barracks/Armory
    1. Equipment lockers at the right side
  3. Prison, mini-Armory
    1. Equipment lockers to the northwest
    2. Prison cells to the southeast
  4. Storage/Shock Room
    1. Storage areas on both left and right sides
    2. Maze with electrified flooring; serves as a defense
  5. President's Room
    1. President's chamber
    2. Vice President's chamber
    3. Curling's chamber
    4. Situation/War Rooms
  6. Control Room
    1. Computer rooms
    2. Reactor housing
    3. Reactor control computers
Notable Characters
  1. Martin Frobisher, the leader of Vault 13, imprisoned
  2. The Arroyo village Elder, now incarcerated
  3. President Dick Richardson, President of the U.S.A
  4. Vice President Bird, a video-game incarnation of Dan Quayle
  5. Dr. Curling, head of the "Project"
  6. Tom Murray, chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission
  7. The President's secretary, an incarnation of Monica Lewinsky
  8. Sergeant Granite, Enclave defector who will help you take down Horrigan
  9. Frank Horrigan, mutated Secret Service Agent, also the end-boss
  10. Enclave citizens
  11. Enclave scientists
  12. Enclave guards
  13. Vault 13 prisoners
  14. Arroyo prisoners
  1. Access the computer in the entrance, and read the report concerning the nuclear power plant.
  2. Go to the Barracks, and get the plastic explosives and 2mm EC ammo.
  3. Talk to Frobisher and the village Elder.
  4. In the storage area, get the Advanced Power Armor MK II, the M72 Gauss Rifle and, if you haven't done so yet, the G.E.C.K.
  5. Survive the shock room.
  6. Kill President Dick Richardson and retrieve his Presidential pass key.
  7. Release the F.E.V into the Enclave air system.
  8. Blow up or disable the computers that control the nuclear reactor.
Quest Experience/Reward Table
  • Enter the Enclave : 15000 xp
  • Complete the shock room maze: 2500 xp
  • Kill President Richardson: 110 kxp
  • Convince Curling to release F.E.V intoo the air: 5000 xp
  • Convince Murray to disable the nuclearr reactor: 12500 xp
  • Blow up the computers that control thee reactor: 10000 xp
  • Get Sergeant Granit's help in killing Horrigan: 1500 xp
  • Kill Frank Horrigan: 10000 kxp


This is the final destination in the game. Like Navarro, the Enclave oil rig is heavily guarded by both guards in Power Armor as well as robots. Be sure that you and your NPC's are clad in some type of Power Armor before entering.


When you enter the base, access the computer towards the southwest side. Login as one of the users it lists, and download the security status for the nuclear reactor. After you've gotten the status, go towards the right, and enter the barracks/armory.

Once you're in the armory, go in the hallway, and follow it until you reach its end. You should see a room with bunk beds that is guarded by guards who are wearing an older design of Power Armor. Raid the lockers on the northern side for some 2mm EC ammo. The ammo is needed for the M72 Gauss Rifle. After you've gotten the ammo, head for the armory, which is located a bit towards the north. You should get some plastic explosives from here. After you've gotten the necessary items, leave this room and head back to the entrance. Now, you have to go to the detention cells.

Go through the hall in this new area, and then take a right to enter the detention cells. The prisoners from Arroyo and Vault 13 are being held here. You can talk to the Elder of the village as well as Martin Frobisher (the leader of Vault 13) to get an idea of what's going on. Afterwards, go down the stairwell to go through a corridor to reach the President.

The corridor is essentially a very powerful defense mechanism; the floor, which is electrified, can deal up to 10 damage to you. When you enter the maze, you'll have to use the terminals to open and close doors. An ASCII map about the maze as well as the order has been provided below:

    A - B - C            Order to get through the maze:
    |   |   |
1 - D - E - F - 2        B, A, D, equipment runs (1 and 2), E, F, B, C,
    |   |   |            A, G, H, I, (leave the corridor)
    G - H - I

Where A-I are the respective terminals, 1 and 2 denote equipment rooms. In room #1, you can get the M72 Gauss Rifle as well as the Advanced Power Armor MK II. In the second equipment room, you can get the G.E.C.K (if you've forgotten it) as well as various healing items and weapons.

GUN Information: M72 Gauss Rifle
This weapon is the strongest small gun in the game and also is one of the strongest weapons (second only to the Pulse Rifle). It can deal about 30 hit points of normal damage on Enclave troopers and can go over 150 hit points on critical hits. It's a superior weapon that is a must have to get. The Enclave base is chock full of 2mm EC ammo, which is extremely rare in the Fallout world.

After you've completed the maze, head to the Presidential Quarters. Once you're there, go through the hallway until you reach the vice president's office (he's in a suit). You can talk to him, and his conversation is reminiscent of Dan Quayle (actually, virtually everything he says is one thing that Quayle had already said at one point). The President's room can be accessed by going through the door with the President's seal on it. Once you are in there, close the door and enter 'Sneak' mode. If you want, you can talk to the President and find out about the "project" and a brief history about World War III. The main objective here is to kill him – arm yourself with the M72 and shoot him in the head (or anywhere, for that matter, as long as he is dead - and in one shot). After you've killed him, get the presidential pass key from his corpse. Now, there are two easy routes that you can take to beat the game.

Route one: Convince Dr. Curling to release the F.E.V in the Enclave[edit]

To complete the game this way, go to Dr. Curling's office, which is to the far left of the Presidential Quarters (his description will read that he is a very tired man). Talk to him, and tell him that you're from Arroyo. He'll mention that you have to go back to the detention cell, but you have to tell him that he is wrong. Tell him about saving thousands of lives, and then he'll mention that he's going to restore "real humans" to the wasteland. Tell him that you're human, and then ask him how your DNA is different. He'll start to discuss the "project," but then, you'll have to cut him off by telling him that you are just as human as he is or that change is the one universal constant. Let him think about his decision, and then allow him to vaccinate you from the F.E.V. He'll release the F.E.V in the Enclave compound, which will kill all civilians and scientists (save for Dr. Curling, Tom Murray, the President, and the Vice President). After he has released the F.E.V, rest for 10 minutes, and then climb the stairwell to the nuclear power plant. Once you're there, go to the three computers on the right side (they're close to the mainframe). Detonate the plastic explosives there.

Route two: Convince Murray to disable the reactor[edit]

Go to the nuclear reactor room, and head towards the southern computer complex. There should be a nicely furnished office with a guard standing beside it and Tom Murray (he's in a lab coat) standing by his desk. Talk to Murray, and tell him that you need him to shut down the reactor. He'll resist; threaten him. He'll offer to shut it down for you. After he shuts it down, leave the area.

There will be a 10 minute timer before critical meltdown. Leave the compound by going back to the Presidential Quarters, and by taking the emergency stairwell (it's in the southern area). The stairwell will lead you to the barracks. Once you're there, leave the barracks for the entrance.

When you get to the entrance, you'll see an Enclave troop squadron. Talk to their leader, Sergeant Granite, and tell him that you're leaving to get back to your people. He'll mention that Frank Horrigan is guarding the area and preventing anybody from leaving. Granite will then go on to say that he's an extremely tough guy. He'll say that he pities you. Tell him about the situation with the nuclear reactor. Offer to give the squadron refuge in your ship for their aid in taking down Horrigan. After you've enlisted their aid, run towards the southern end of the Enclave. Go to the computer and put in the presidential passkey. Activate the counter-insurgency protocol, and the robotic turrets will start to hit Frank Horrigan. Hit Horrigan with your Gauss rifle; Granite's squadron has a Pulse Rifle, a Gauss Pistol, a Turbo Plasma Rifle, and a Gatling Laser cannon. This will be a very easy fight for you, especially since you have the counter-insurgency protocol installed. Horrigan's suit will cause his torso to split from the rest of his body after it has sustained 999 hit points of damage. If you talk to him, he'll suicide. Leave the compound to finish the game.