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Rough Map
   City Council
    Downtown -- Vault 8
Notable Areas
  1. Courtyard
    1. Happy Harry's store
    2. Andrew's Clinic
    3. Bar
    4. Tenants with their tents
  2. Vault City Downtown
    1. Customs Office
    2. Repair shop
    3. Amenities Offices
    4. Corrections Center
    5. Servant Allocation building
    6. Information Center
  3. Vault City Vault (Vault 8)
  4. Vault City Council
Notable Characters
  1. Vault City Citizens
  2. Vault City Slaves
  3. Vault City Guards
  4. Lynette, Vault City's First Citizen
  5. Dr. Troy, the medic of Vault City
  6. Lydia, she will buy the beer and booze from you
  7. Randall, chief Amenities officer
  8. Stark, he heads the guards in Vault City
  9. Thomas Moore, an abolitionist and an agent for Mr. Bishop (you'll find out later)
  10. Curtis, the kid who lost his Mr. Nixon doll
  11. Amanda, a worried courtyard dweller (her husband is missing)
  12. Joshua, Amanda's husband
  13. Barkus, he heads the Servant Allocation Center
  14. Dr. Andrew, the doctor for the courtyard dwellers
  15. Ed, he can tell you about the other cities that surround Vault City
  16. Mr. Smith, he needs a plow
  17. Skeev, the Customs officer who can give you forged citizenship papers
  18. Wallace, the chief Customs officer
  19. Harry, he owns Happy Harry's
  20. Senior Councilman McClure, he's far more levelheaded that Lynette
  21. Valerie, she heads the repair shop, she's Vic's daughter
  22. Kohl, he heads the Information Services department
  1. Find and return Mr. Nixon to Curtis. Listen to his conversation with Mr. Nixon to find the wrench.
  2. Help Amanda find Joshua.
  3. Fix the broken Autodoc at Dr. Andrew's clinic.
  4. Obtain false citizenship papers from Skeev. Turn him later after you've completed the Gecko quest.
  5. Deliver the booze and beer that you had earlier to Lydia.
  6. Give the pliers and wrench to Valerie.
  7. Buy some items from Randal, the amenities officer.
  8. Get the quest from Lynette to take care of Gecko's nuclear plant.
Quest Experience/Reward Table
  • Return Mr. Nixon to Curtis: 100 xp
  • Repair Dr. Andrew's Autodoc: 100 xp
  • Discover the origin of the water flask: 500 xp
  • Give the booze and beer to Lydia: 250 xp, $300
  • Give Valerie the wrench and pliers: 2550 xp, $50, Super Tool Kit
  • Convince Barkus to release Joshua: 5000 xp, $32


Vault City is a large place and perhaps represents a "utopia" in the Fallout World. It is a highly organized totalitarian society that traces its roots from the citizens of Vault 8.


Enter Vault City during the day. Head to the north and then take a right turn when you reach the bar. Go talk to the crying child, and he'll mention something about losing a Mr. Nixon doll. The doll is in a corner of the outside wall of the bar, near some old boxes. (It's a box-looking object.) Pick up the doll and give it to Curtis for some experience. Be sure to listen to his conversation, and he'll mention a wrench in a rock pile. Go to the rock pile (which is due east) and examine it upon hearing the reference to the wrench. You should find a wrench.

Now, head to the tent that is next to you. Talk to the worried woman, and ask her what is wrong. She'll say that her husband is now in the servant allocation center and was arrested. Offer to find Joshua for her.

Go a bit north, and enter the clinic, and go to the room with the contraption (the Auto-Doc) in it. Repair the Auto-Doc using the tool. After it has been repaired, go a bit south and somewhat west and enter the shack that is north of the jail. Talk to the man in the green shirt, and ask him about where he got the flask from and then inquire about Vault 13. He won't know where he got it from, but you'll receive some experience from digging out that info.

Now go to the tent that is right across from the clinic with a farmer standing outside. Talk to the farmer, and ask him what he does in Vault City. Ask him what is the problem, and then offer to buy him a plow. Go to Happy Harry's store (it has a big happy face on its wall) and talk to Harry. Ask if he is selling the plow, and buy it from him and be sure to ask him to deliver it to the Smith's. Go back to the tent next to the clinic, and talk to Mr. Smith. He'll hand you a Desert Eagle and you'll also receive some experience in the process. Now, head for Downtown, which is to the north.

When you enter Downtown, go to the right into the Customs building. Talk to Skeev, the man in the vault suit who is standing in the first room. Ask him what is this place, and then ask him that you're looking to go into the Vault, and then ask him about "other ways." He'll say that if you have the cash, he will go into further detail, which essentially boils down to forged citizenship papers. Tell him that you might tell others that he might be selling citizenship papers, and he'll say that the others won't believe you. Buy the papers from him, and then make a sarcastic remark to him. He'll believe you, and then ask him to pay for your silence. He'll get really angry, and then tell him that "sweet talking" won't help at all. He'll give you $300. Tell him that you have his silence, and then talk to the gate guard. Tell him that you are a citizen, and give him your papers. He'll say that they looked legit, and then tell the guard that you missed meeting each other. He'll let you through.

An alternative to shaking down Skeev is to simply remove any armor you might be wearing before you talk to him. The sight of your dweller's suit will get you a visitor's pass good for daylight hours.

Go to the Tap House on the right, and talk to Lydia, the bar owner. Ask her what's on tap, and then inquire about real alcohol. Tell her that real can't compare to synthetic alcohol and then give her the alcohol that you have for $300 and some experience. Next, head on to the maintenance center, and talk to Valerie, the girl in the metal armor. If you have Vic in your party, there'll be a lengthy conversation between her and Vic. Anyways, talk to her, and ask her what this place is. Ask her what does she repair, and then she'll mention something about missing tools. Offer to help her, and give her some pliers and a wrench for some experience and $50.

GUN Information: Combat Shotgun
The Combat Shotgun, along with its siblings (Pancor Jackhammer and H&K CAWS), is among the best all-rounded weapons in the game. Targeted shots deal a fair amount of damage, up to about 85 hit points, while regular shots deal between 10 and 30 hit points of damage. There's also a powerful burst mode, though it is weaker in the combat shotgun than in the other models.

Next, go to the Amenities office (it's to the left to the Repair Shop) and talk to the man (Randal) in the vault suit. Ask him what is this place, and then ask him if you can see what is in stock. He'll ask for your citizenship papers, and give him yours. Everything will work out, so buy a combat shotgun, some 12 ga. shells, and some books using the money and excess weaponry that you have. If you have NPC's, and intend to keep them (they'll soon become worthless later on), you can barter for an SMG to give to Sulik. Now, head to the Corrections Center, and talk to the man in metal armor. Ask him what some questions, and then mention something about Patrols. Offer to do some recon work for him, which is to scout out the eight sectors around Gecko. Leave, and go to the Servant Allocation center.

When you get there, talk to the guy in the vault suit. Ask him what is the Servant Allocation Center, and then tell him that you are looking for Joshua. Tell him that Joshua has a contagious disease, and then give him some more info. If your speech skill is above 90%, then he will believe you; otherwise, he won't and you'll have to buy him out instead. After you get Joshua, head to the Information Center, which should be to your left. Talk to the man in the vault suit, and ask what this place is. Ask him if he has any books or manuals, and he'll say that the books are being transcribed into an electronic format. Ask him if all the books are gone, and he'll tell you what might eventually happen to the information center. Tell him that you like reading a book instead of viewing text on an electronic screen, and he'll give you some free books. Leave the building and head outside.

Once outside, go to the RIGHT, and you should see a man in green. Talk to him and accept to take a briefcase to the Bishop family in New Reno. Note that this is strictly optional. Now, head for the City Council.

Once you reach the Council, head north and a bit towards the left, and enter the Council building. Go inside, and talk to Lynette, the First Citizen (she's in the southeastern room). Ask her about the G.E.C.K, and she'll say that it isn't meant for you. Tell her about the Vault Dweller, and then show her your jumpsuit and water flask. Ask her if she knows about Vault 13, and then ask if you can search the computer archives. She'll say that you must take a Citizenship test (you can only pass with 10 Intelligence and 10 Luck). Tell her that you will take the test, and she'll mention another way: get rid of the Ghoulish inhabitants of Gecko. You'll take yet another route to "true" citizenship, however. Leave Vault City for Gecko.

NPC Information: Cassidy
Cassidy is a good all-around small guns sniper, comparable to the original Fallout's Tycho. Cassidy can use most two-handed small guns, and is far better in combat than Vic at this stage in the game. He has heart problems, so if he takes any drugs other than stimpacks, he can die. He's pretty good.

By the way, there is another NPC in the bar who you can pick up. His name is Cassidy, and he is like Vic in many respects, but a lot better.

Also, be sure to talk to Amanda to get your reward for finding Joshua.