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On the PC version, you have access to the console by pressing ~, which may be used to modify debug activity within the game.

This console will give you access to a wide variety of commands that allow you to manipulate the flow of the game. For example, you can create new items or adjust other variables available.

The following parameters types are used:

name A variable or field name
Base id The base id; used to indicate the type of object or creature.
Ref id A reference id; used for an instance of an object or creature.

Debugging commands[edit]

setgs (name) (value) Sets a variable
tgm Toggles god mode.
tcl Toggles collision (allows passing through walls and doors.)
player.srm Store repair menu. You pay yourself caps to repair items.
tmm 0|1 Toggles map markers.
tfow Toggles fog of war (in Local Map)

Entity commands[edit]

These commands only work if an entity is selected or referred to. One can be selected with the ref command, or by clicking it with the mouse (and using the mouse wheel if there's more than one entity on the point.)

The player can be easily referred to using the refid player.

startcombat (refid) Causes the enemy to attack (refid).
stopcombat Causes the enemy to stop attacking. However, he will attack again if he is hostile.


Variables are modified by the setgs console command.

fmoverunmult Changes the run speed multiplier. (Equip/unequip a weapon for changes to take effect.)

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