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There are some characters that want some items scattered throughout the world. For getting them and bringing them to the appropriate person, you get either caps or another item in return.


See also Blood Ties

After completing the quest, you can sell blood packs to Vance for 15 caps each. At that time, you can also ask Vance to teach you a perk that gives additional health from drinking a blood pack.


You get a karma bonus for donating to churches in Megaton and Rivet City.

You can also invest bottlecaps to Uncle Roe in Canterbury Commons to improve the quality of goods and repair skills of the travelling merchants.

Bounties: Fingers and Ears[edit]

If you have the Lawbringer or Contract Killer perk, you can travel to the place identified on the note you receive (and shown on the map) to obtain a reward for each finger or ear. These items are located on the corpses of either good or evil characters in the wasteland.

Brotherhood Holotags[edit]

Bring a holotag from a fallen comrade from the Brotherhood of Steel to Scribe Jameson. She will give 100 caps for each tag.


Give two units of Buffout to Lucy of Little Lamplight for some Cave Fungus. This fungus both heals and removes radiation.

Chinese Assault Rifles[edit]

Collect and give 20 Chinese Assault Rifles to Pronto in Paradise Falls to improve his stock availability.

Fire Ant Nectar[edit]

See also Those!

Each sample of Fire Ant Nectar gives 40 caps from Doctor Lesko fro Grayditch.

Geomapper Module[edit]

See also Reilly's Rangers

You are given a geomapper module by Reilly. As you proceed throughout the wasteland and discover the marked locations, you can return the Ranger's HQ and collect 30 caps per location discovered.

Music Sheets[edit]

See also Agatha's Song

There are a few music sheets scattered throughout the wasteland. Bring them to Agatha.

Nuka Cola[edit]

Zip from Little Lamplight has an addiction to Nuka Cola.

Nuka Cola Quantum[edit]

See also The Nuka-Cola Challenge

Nuka Cola Quantum is a more powerful version of Nuka Cola. However, given it's rarity, it's recommended to use it in the quest rather than consuming or selling it. While only 30 are required for the schematic, extras can be traded for caps or converted into Quantum pies or converted into Nuka Grenades.

Purified water[edit]

You can give purified water to the various beggars outside Megaton, Rivet City and Tenpenny Tower for a karma boost. Water can be obtained from your robotic servants, but can be scavenged as well.

Pre-War Books[edit]

Scribe Yearning will give you 100 caps for each pre-war book.

Scrap Metal[edit]

Walter from Megaton will give you 10 caps for each piece of scrap metal you give to him; however, you need to talk to him about broken pipes and repair them for him.

Winthrop from Underworld can also provide Stimpaks, RadAway and Rad-X in exchange for scrap metal.


See also Strictly Business

After capturing one of the targeted slaves, you can obtain replacement Slave Collars and obtain 250 caps for each slave you obtain.

Strange Meat[edit]

Give three units of Strange Meat to Eclair of Little Lamplight for some Cave Fungus.

Sugar Bombs[edit]

Murphy from Northwest Seneca Station will pay 15 caps for each pack of sugar bombs you find. He needs these sugar bombs for the production of Ultrajet,


Protector Casdin from Fort Independence will give you either 5.56mm bullets, Frag Grenades, Rad Away packs, or Stimpacks in exchange for technological items (such as energy weapons, power armor, and sensor modules) or 2 sets of scrap metal. However, you cannot trade away unique versions of these items.