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This page describes a list of non-hostile factions that you will encounter in the game. While you can enter into conflict with them, they are a significant portion of the plot in one system or another. For hostile factions (and other entities that regularly attack the player), see Enemies.

Major Factions[edit]

The Enclave[edit]

The Enclave is a group of the descendants of the high-ranking US governmant officials that claims to be the true democracy of America. Their radio has messages from their elected president about the various major factions within the Capitol wasteland and his claim of the title of the head of state. You will eventually cross paths with them half-way through the main quest, and they will treat you as hostile.

As with the Brotherhood of Steel, the Enclave vies for power; however, they are extremely ruthless in their attempts to grab power with no regard for the safety of others. They have access to flying ships and advanced technology, and are stronger than the Brotherhood of Steel.

  • An Enclave Eyebot normally hovers around, playing the pre-recorded messages from President John Henry Eden. It is lightly armored but can use a laser weapon in self-defense.
  • An Enclave Soldier is equipped with power armor, and normally uses a plasma or laser rifle.
  • An Enclave Officer is simply a uniformed individual with limited protection. However, they are equipped with plasma pistols.


Slavers are very dangerous people. They capture innocent people and claim them as slaves. The biggest organization of slavers is Paridse Falls, but with the expansion Pack, its The Pitt.

Brotherhood of Steel[edit]

The Brotherhood of Steel acts as a main military force, similar to the regulators. They provide assistance to the good fight, and provide some assistance to their allies (such as the Galaxy News Radio).

Brotherhood Outcasts[edit]

The Brotherhood Outcasts are former members of the Brotherhood of Steel, they quit the Brotherhood of steel when elder lyons diverted from their ways. They have an outpost at Fort Independence.

Minor Factions[edit]

The family[edit]

The family is a cannibalistic group located near Arefu, lead by a person who believes their normal cannibalistic nature causes them to be barbaric savages. The family created a set of five laws to ritualize and control their tendencies.

Church of Atom[edit]

The church of Atom worships the bomb located in Megaton.


Not a faction per se, but they collect meat from animals from around the wasteland.

Galaxy News Radio[edit]

Galaxy News radio is a broadcasting station in the DC ruins, initially having a very weak signal. The DJ of the station, Three Dog, will make reports concerning events, as well as providing information about the player's progress.