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Head of State is a quest concerning the Lincoln Memorial, which is occupied by Slavers, and Temple of the Union, who hold the escaped slaves.

Siding with slavers[edit]

When you approach the Lincoln Memorial, a slaver will mention that you should stay off the steps, as the slavers will shoot anyone on sight. In addition, the area around the memorial contains traps; the only safe location is a path to the maintenance door on the left, and you are directed there to speak with Leroy Walker.

Leroy Walker has two tasks for you. The first is to retrieve one of several artifacts from the Museum of History. The artifact will be marked on your Pip-Boy, and is on the upper floor of the Museum of History Offices, in the same room as the turret. One artifact is a sound recording of Lincoln's Voice. Return to Leroy Walker to receive a 50 cap reward, and permission to enter the memorial.

The other task involves looking for a few runaway slaves to the north, near Old Olney. He will give you about 100 caps for recovering the slaves (but not killing them.) Speak with Walker to have the slavers commence their several-day long travel to the temple. Once they have gathered, speak with Walker to start the attack.

Temple of the Union[edit]

The Temple of the Union is a group of runaway slaves, located Northwest of Canterbury Commons. They will let you in when you ring the doorbell and say that you are here for trading. When you reach Hannibal Hamlin, you can talk to him and learn that he is the group of escaped slaves trying to avoid capture from the slavers.

The Lincoln Memorial Poster

He has two tasks for you. The first is to clear the Lincoln memorial of Super Mutants (in reality, you need to remove the slavers instead.) The second is to help Caleb find a picture of the memorial building, which is found within the Museum of History. The poster is found on the second floor, and is facing the stairs to the second floor in the Museum of History offices.

When you have the picture, return to Caleb and give it to him. You now need to speak with Hannibal to start the temple on its multi-day journey to the memorial. The only remaining task is to clear the slavers from the monument.

Note: If Hannibal dies, you cannot progress along this quest track.


The artifacts within the Museum of History can be sold to three people. You can either sell them to Leroy Walker, Hannibal Hamlin, or Abraham Washington from Rivet City.

Lower Halls
  • Lincoln's diary is found in the large display on the way to the museum of history offices.
First floor offices
  • Lincoln's hat is found in the room that is the first door to the right from the stairwell. It is found in the rubble, and requires light to properly see.
  • Action Abe action figure is behind the Very Hard locked door, the first door on the left of the stairwell. You can reach the figure by passing through a hole in the wall.
  • John Wilkes Booth wanted poster is found in the southwest corner of the offices, on a bookshelf.
  • Civil War draft poster is found in the southeast corner of the museum office level.
Second floor offices
  • Lincoln's voice is found on the second desk to the left, at the top of the stairs.

The coin collection and action figure can be sold to all three subjects for the same price.

Hannibal offers the most for Lincoln's repeater, the Civil War Draft Poster and Lincoln's diary. Leroy offers the most for the John Wilkes Booth wanted poster, Abraham offers the most for Lincoln's hat, Lincoln's voice, and Lincoln's diary.

When selling the items, you can only recover the items from Hannibal through pick-pocketing. This allows you to maximize profit by selling the items twice. Items sold to Leroy or Abraham are removed.

The memorial poster can only be sold to Leroy. You can recover the poster by killing him or by pick-pocketing.

An exploit exists allowing you to pickpocket Lincoln's har from Hamlin, and sell the hat to him again. To do so, you need to plant a piece of headgear, such as a hockey mask.