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Karma is equivalent of the alignment system, and is a summary based on the player's actions.

Good karma is received whenever the player performs good actions, such as helping other people. Usually, this involves performing quests for other people with the intent to make everyone happy, or through other deeds as well.

The karma levels are as follows:

  • Very Good (750 to 1000)
  • Good (250 to 749)
  • Neutral (-249 to 249)
  • Evil (-749 to -250)
  • Very Evil (-1000 to -750)

The greatest source of good karma is through quests. However, it is still possible to obtain karma by donating items to the church or various beggars; however, you don't normally gain karma from killing enemies.

The opposite, bad karma, is received when the player performs evil actions that causes death and destruction to other people. In general, most quests have a negative karma path, however, it can also be obtained by killing some wandering individuals within the wasteland.

The middle path involves making a minimal moral choices (or alternating between the two).

In all three karma paths, you receive different results, options and rewards. Your karmic status is occasionally broadcast on Galaxy News Radio, and some individuals react differently based on karma.