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Melee weapons, even though they degrade, do not consume ammo.

Hand to Hand[edit]

These weapons require the Unarmed skill, as they are extensions of unarmed combat.

Weapon Dam Val Description
Power Fist 20 100 A powered fist.
Plunkett's Valid Points 12 30 Unique item. A set of brass knickles.
Love Tap 8 20
Fisto! 25 100 A unique Power Fist.
The Shocker 20 150 Unique item. Has the ability to shock targets.

Melee weapons[edit]

These melee weapons are handled through the melee wrapons skill.

Common items
Weapon Dam Val Description
Baseball Bat 9 55 Your starting melee weapon.
Chinese Officer Sword 10 75 A Chinese sword.
Knife 4 20 A simple knife.
Combat Knife 7 20 A combat knife.
Lead Pipe 9 75 A lead pipe, a effective improvised weapon.
Nail board 8 30 Commonly used by Super Mutants if they don't have another weapon.
Police Baton 3 70 A police baton, usually used for subduing civilians. Not very effective combat-wise.
Pool Cue 3 15
Ripper 30 100 A one-handed chainsaw.
Shishkebab 35 200 A custom weapon made from a Lawnlower blade, a motorcycle gas tank, motorcycle hand break, and a pilot light. In addition to the basic damage, it causes enemy to catch fire.
Sledgehammer 20 130 A heavy two-handed weapon.
Super Sledge 25 180 A heavy two-handed weapon. Weighs more than the Sledge hammer, and less common.
Rolling Pin 3 10 A kitchen rolling pin. A unique version in tranquility lane exists, which inflicts extra damage.
Tire iron 6 40 A tire iron.
Unique items
Weapon Dam Val Description
Ant's Sting 4 30 A unique knife that poison's the target.
Board of Education 12 60
Breaker 12 30
Butch's Toothpick 10 50
Clover's Cleaver 15 100
Curse Breaker 13 75
Excalibat 13 75
Fawkes' Super Sledge 32 300 Trade with Fawkes to get it
Highwayman's Friend 10 75 Tire iron
Jack 30 200 Unique ripper
Occam's Razor 10 65 A unique combat knife.
O'Grady's Peacemaker 6 100 A police baton
Stabhappy 10 65 Found in Raider camp just east of Bethsda ruins
Tenderizer 30 230
The Break 6 50 Found in Paradise Falls, outdoor pool table
Vampire's Edge 15 100 A unique Chinese sword found in The Family.
Slasher Knife 50 50 Unique item, appears in Tranquility lane.