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At lamplight caverns, you are stopped by the mayor who will not let you in. If you can't convince him to open the gate for you with a speech check or a Child at Heart perk, he directs you to Paradise Falls.

There is no violent option for entry into Little Lamplight.

Paradise falls[edit]

The guard at the gate of Paradise Falls will not let you pass unless you have negative karma. However, you can use a speech check to be able to bribe him with 500 caps, or alternatively take the Strictly Business quest from him. Once through, enter Paradise Falls.

Purchasing the children[edit]

You can purchase the children from Eulogy for about 2000 caps (or 1200 if you pass a speech check).

Stealthy removal[edit]

If you speak with the children, they will give you a few tasks to perform.

  • Connect the mall's terminal to the network, to disable the collars.
  • Arrange Forty to be away from the guard pen. Squirrel and Sammy are now ready to head to the drainage gate in the toilets.

However, Squirrel will say that Penny is reluctant to leave. You can use a speech check here to convince them to leave her behind.

The Box[edit]

Penny won't leave (but can be convinced with the speech check or Child at heart) because Rory Maclaren is trapped in The Box. However, if you have the box key pickpocketed from Forty or Eulogy, you can release him.

It is extremely difficult to use stealth to escape with Rory, as you need to rely on him on finding a nearby weapon or dropping a weapon before he enters combat.

When he reaches the entrance, you will receive a karma bonus.

Direct assault[edit]

If you simply don't like the slavers, just barge in or kill all enemies in sight. You will get a karma bonus for killing some of the unique slavers; however, slavers you encounter in the future are not likely to be friendly. The two slavers at the front gate will also be hostile as well.

When you reach the three children, they will say that the collars are shorted out, and that they will exit by the back door. You won't be asked to save Rory, as he was most likely killed by the time you reached him.

Other slaves[edit]

You can free any other slaves as necessary, including those captured in Strictly Business. To be effective, they need to have a weapon to attack the Slavers, which can be done through reverse pickpocketing, or by dropping items near the guard entrance.

Breadbox, a slave in that pen, will stand still and cannot be convinced to leave.