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You can enter Tenpenny Tower either by passing a speech check, or by providing 100 caps. You may also enter if you have a meeting with Mister Burke.

Activating the quest[edit]

When you talk with Chief Gustavo, he can tell you about the problem he was having with Roy Phillips and his ghouls, and that they want to devalue the property by entering. You can also speak with Roy Phillips in Warrington Metro, and ask him about Tenpenny Tower.

Assassinating Roy Philips[edit]

You can kill Roy Phillips and his followers to receive a 500 cap reward or (700 caps if you passed a speech check) from Gustavo.

Diplomatic solution[edit]

It is possible to create a diplomatic solution within the tower. When you first talk to Tenpenny at the roof, you can inform him of the situation, and he will allow Ghouls into the tower when you can deal with the five individuals within the tower. They are: Mr. Wellington, Mrs. Wellington, Mr. Ling, Ms. Montenegro, and Mrs. Lancaster.

These characters can be convinced to accept ghouls using a speech check, but can also be dealt through other means:

  • On Susan Lancaster's desk, you can find a love letter that can be given to Mrs. Wellington. Upon seeing this letter, she will murder both her husband and Mrs. Lancaster, then flee into the wastelands.
  • You can steal from the safes in the shops when the owners are not present. If the caps are removed, the merchants will head out into the wastelands because a thief managed to sneak in.
  • Susan Lancaster is also the target in the Strictly business quest.

When you deal with all given individuals, you can speak with Tenpenny to inform him that the bigots are taken care of. He will reward you with 500 caps.

To get the ghouls to move in, head over to Roy and relay the message. He will give you a ghoul mask, but if you tell him about the decision, the humans within Tenpenny Tower will be murdered a few days later.

Breaking into Tenpenny[edit]

Roy Phillip's plan to take over the tower involves force. He plans to overwhelm the security team with a large group of feral ghouls through the containment door. However, you need to open it first.

The containment door can be opened if you have a key to the generator room. This key is obtained by pickpocketing Gustavo or Herbert Dashwood.

With the key, head into the generator room behind the tower, Activate the terminal and unlock the containment door (or shoot the generator.) Roy Phillips will tell you to go around to the front to collect a Ghoul mask, which prevents Ghouls from attacking you when worn.


If you complete this quest by any means, you won't be able to get a reward for discovering the body of Argyle in Rockopolis.

You can get duplicate copies of some skill books when the building is under siege. Check Susan Lancaster's desk and Tenpenny's bookshelf for the two books.