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The Nuka-Cola Challenge is a collection quest for 30 Nuka-Cola Quantums.

You learn of this challenge in Gertershade, which is located in the south-west of the wastelands. When you speak with Sierra Petrovita, she will give you a tour of her Nuka-Cola quantums, and offer 40 caps for each bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum. She offers a special reward if you give 30 bottles, and you can learn it is a schematic if you pass a speech or charisma check.

You can still give quantums for additional caps after giving all 30. However, it's recommended to make the grenade from the extra bottles.

Ronald Laren[edit]

After finishing the tour, Ronald Laren will approach you, and ask you to bring the Quantums to him. He states that he loves her, but that she doesn't seem interested in him. He will offer you the same 40 caps as Sierra, but you can pass a speech check for more caps.

If you have the Black Widow perk, there will be a speech option where you can offer him a three-way if he will help you find Quantums.

Nuka-Cola Quantum[edit]

The Nuka-Cola Quantum is a rare item, They are found scattered throughout the wastelands, and can be even found in vending machines; however, the vending machines are not known to restock themselves.

While there is an unlimited quantity through a given random encounter, this encounter doesn't give a reliable or steady supply.

Shipping manifests[edit]

The D.C. Nuka-Cola Bottling facility contains a few shipping manifests that give the general locations of Nuka-Cola. The plant is in the southern wasteland, between Andale and the Flooded metro.

The lower floor, the storage and mixing vats, is flooded with radioactive water. However, there is a room with a factory protectron that has a paper note next to a maintenance terminal. Once you have the ID, you can head to the northern room of the factory floor and speak with Milo, the shipping forman to obtain the key and passwords for the system (although a bug may prevent you from entering with a dialogue with him.)

When you retrieve the key (either through speech, robotics expertise or force), head to the terminal in the same room to get the location of the three destinations which were receiving one crate of Quantum:

  • Paradise Falls Shopping Mart
  • Super Duper Mart
  • Old Olney Grocery

Be sure to pick up the copy of Tumbler's Today in the foreman's office.

Return to the research area to the left of the entrance, and open the safe for the Nuka-Cola Clear Formula. You can sell this item to a hockey-team near the Red Racer Factory, but this item otherwise provides no benefit.


Flour, Vodka, Quantum can be used to create a Miss. Quantum Pie. This food gives the benefits similar to both Vodka and Nuka-Cola Quantum, with less radiation.