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The Pitt is the second add-on released for Fallout 3. Once installed, you will receive Werner's distress signal on your radio and a new quest. Find Werner to the far north of the wasteland and save him from the raiders. He will ask for your help. He tells you that he is from The Pitt, a town controlled by raiders who use slave labor to work the steel mills. He wants you to help him liberate the slaves. To the west is a group of slavers and a pen of slaves. You can buy the slaves from the slavers and then enter the pen and take the slave outfit from the dead slave. Return to Werner with it and he will allow you to travel to the Pitt. Once you arrive, you will be attacked by some Pitt raiders. Help Werner take them out, and then continue to follow him. He will then have you enter the city itself. Be careful on the bridge, as there are literally frag mines every five or so feet. If you have the Light Step perk, you won't need to worry about the mines. Be careful of the raider with a sniper rifle on a walkway atop the bridge. When you walk up to the gate, the guards will let you in. Just make sure you're wearing your slave outfit. The guard will take all of your items except for your knife or pistol that you got from Werner. Once inside, talk to Midea to receive your first task. You'll have to collect steel ingots in the mill. Find your way there and talk to the guard for information. He'll pay you with equipment for every ten ingots you bring him. You need only collect ten to progress in the story, and you can return at any time to collect the rest.